I know I don’t think much of journalists, but this is simply terrible.

Fox News:

Gunmen shot and killed a female TV anchor in eastern Afghanistan early Thursday, officials said.

The attackers opened fire on Malala Maiwand’s car soon after she left her house in the eastern Nangarhar province, said Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the governor.

No one has claimed responsibility, but an Islamic State affiliate is headquartered in eastern Afghanistan and has claimed most of the recent attacks on civilians in the country. The Taliban also operate in the area.

In addition to working as a TV and radio presenter, Maiwand was also an activist who advocated for the rights of Afghan women and children.

Journalists are a sacred class of people, and they deserve special protections.

Especially when they are “brave” women.

This ugly fat bitch should have been protected.

Just look at the bravery on her stupid, round, fat, roly-poly face.

Freeze it. Zoom in. Isolate the fat face.

She stored extra bravery in her neck.

Ten pounds of bravery in a five pound tiny round face.

This is why we can’t sign a peace deal with the Taliban.

It is the duty of America to leave troops in the country until every woman is safe.

It’s at the core of our democracy values that we protect every single journalist, and every woman, on the entire planet, all the time, every day, no matter what. If that means spending another two decades occupying Afghanistan, spending trillions of dollars, losing thousands more American lives, angering the entire world – then so be it.

Literally: “We Have to Continue the War in Afghanistan Because of Women’s Rights”

Because America stands for freedom, see. We might not allow for people to say politically incorrect things in public, we might send squads of FBI-managed domestic terrorists to shut down rallies we don’t like, we might lock people in their houses and close churches because of a virus hoax – but when the rubber hits the road, we will send the US military to indefinitely occupy barbaric third world countries in order to promote feminism.

That’s who we are.