The natural inclination for a normie is to believe what everyone else believes. Humans are herd animals, and love consensus.

That is why these fake “public opinion” polls are so popular. If the average person hears that most people hold some view, he will say, “well, I’m most people! I also hold that view, I suppose!”

It’s like shooting obese fish in miniature barrels.

PA Media:

People who discourage others from having a coronavirus vaccine are widely considered “selfish” and “stupid”, according to a survey of public attitudes.

More than four in 10 Britons (41%) think people who discourage the public from getting vaccinated are stupid, research by King’s College London (KCL) and Ipsos Mori found.

A third think this group is selfish and one in six (17%) go as far as saying “anti-vax” campaigners are bad people.

This is a new phenomenon that has emerged in the last couple of years: people who are acting out of conscience are portrayed as being consciously, purposefully evil for the sake of being evil.

Ironically (or perhaps not), the people who preached “moral relativity” are reducing everyone in society to primitive “good” or “evil” types. (This only works on leftists, by the way).

About 31% think people who would refuse a vaccine are stupid while a quarter think they are selfish.

Experts warned this may hinder efforts to persuade those who are reluctant to get the jab, and called for people with doubts to be engaged with, not dismissed or denigrated.

The research is based on 2,244 interviews with UK residents aged 16-75, carried out online between November 20 and 24.

Young people aged 16-24 were most likely to respect people who discourage others from getting vaccinated, and also the most likely to say they resent this group of people.

Yes, the youth are being heavily polarized. That part of the poll is true, for sure.

Frankly, the polls aren’t even “fake,” in the sense that someone just wrote up fake responses of people and printed it. They are more “rigged,” in the sense that pollsters all know that you can get virtually any answer you want from 40% of the population based on how you ask the question. A little over a third of the population has literally no idea what is going on, at all, and will respond entirely based on how they think the person talking to them wants them to respond.

I just can’t hardly look at the media anymore. I’m in the wrong profession. It is just all so transparent at this point, that it simply makes me sick to look at it.

It is nonstop:

  • The coronavirus is killing everyone and if we don’t do even more insane lockdown measures there won’t even be any people left.
  • Joe Biden literally got 80 million votes, 14 million more than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton each got, and if you don’t believe that you hate democracy.
  • Trump supporters are evil, they’re violent, they must be suppressed.
  • You have to get as many vaccines as possible and if you don’t you’re stupid and evil.
  • China is evil and must be stopped.
  • Cops are killing random black people because they hate the color of their skin.
  • All white people secretly hate nonwhites and are plotting against them.

And so on.

It’s just: every time you open the media, you say, “OH WELL, MORE OF THIS AGAIN I SEE!”

It’s like this:

They might as well just start flashing “GOOD” and “BAD” across the screen when they show a villain or hero of their fantasy melodrama of pure good and evil.

Or they could play canned cheers and boos.

There is no subtlety.

No subtlety at all.

I’m thinking of quitting the blogging biz and becoming a preacher. It seems like it would be much more useful at this point.