Of course everyone is dying of other things.

This is a gigantic hoax, and the World Health Organization was going into every country and demanding that they used their methods, which included labeling anyone who died with coronavirus as having died of coronavirus.

I don’t know why Russia ever went along with this in the first place, but they also shut their economy down as they were sitting and watching the US’s other enemy, China, not shut down and not have a single problem back in February and March. So, they didn’t appear to be totally on the ball there.


The city of Moscow said on Wednesday it had ascribed the deaths of more than 60% of coronavirus patients in April to other causes as it defended what it said was the superior way it and Russia counted the number of people killed by the novel virus.

At 242,271, Russia has the second-highest number of confirmed cases in the world after the United States, something it attributes to a massive testing programme which it says has seen almost 6 million tests conducted.

But with 2,212 coronavirus deaths, Russia also has one of the world’s lowest mortality rates. Moscow, the epicentre of the country’s outbreak, accounts for 1,232 of those deaths.

The disparity between the high number of cases and the relatively low number of deaths has prompted Kremlin critics and various Western and Russian media outlets to question the veracity of Russia’s official death statistics.

Data published at the weekend showing that the total number of deaths registered in Moscow rose sharply in April compared with the same month last year and was also significantly higher than the number officially confirmed as having been caused by the new virus raised further suspicions.

Moscow’s Department of Health acknowledged in a statement on Wednesday that the number of deaths in April, 11,846, had been 1,841 higher than the same month last year and almost triple the number of people registered as having died of the virus.

Unlike many other countries, Moscow’s department of health said it and Russia conducted post-mortem autopsies in 100% of deaths where coronavirus was suspected as the main cause.

“Therefore, post-mortem diagnoses and causes of death recorded in Moscow are ultimately extremely accurate, and mortality data is completely transparent,” it said.

“It’s impossible in other COVID-19 cases to name the cause of death. So, for example in over 60% of deaths the cause was clearly for different reasons such as vascular failures (such as heart attacks), stage 4 malignant diseases, leukaemia, systemic diseases which involve organ failure, and other incurable fatal diseases.”

It said 639 people in Moscow had died in April as a direct result of the coronavirus and its complications like pneumonia.

The takeaway there was that this 60% held true across the board, meaning real death counts were 40% of official numbers – except in America, where they’ve went insane labeling nearly every single death from anything as coronavirus, given that they’re paying hospitals to record deaths that way. In America, the number could have been as low as 10-15% of the official number. Turned out to actually be 6% according to the CDC.

Who the hell even knows? What is the point of talking about it? They came right out and said it was a hoax, they admitted to incentivizing hospitals by literally giving them money if they reported “COVID-19” as the cause of death.

All of this is a hoax. We know it is a hoax. From top to bottom, none of it is real, at all. Yes, there is a virus, but the virus is the same as the flu. There is no difference, at all. Everything else – all of this nonsense in the media – is a hoax.

The coronavirus is a manufactured fake threat designed to push a global agenda. Period. There is nothing else going on here.

The data is all right in front of us. No one can deny it unless they’re stupid – and I mean really, seriously stupid – or a liar.