Saturday Night Live is basically a Jewish ritual.

Goyim are invited to join in with the Jews in mocking their fellow goyim, and it is implied that this will give them some kind of higher status among the ruling Jewish class.

Over the weekend, Jewish cast member Pete Davidson mocked working class people, who are losing their businesses, telling them to shut up and accept it.

The Federalist:

“Saturday Night Live” cast member and Staten Island native Pete Davidson used his paid position at NBC on Saturday to make fun of his hometown and lecture restaurant owners protesting the latest COVID restrictions threatening their livelihoods.

“The bar, shockingly, is in a neighborhood with the second-highest COVID infections in all of New York, so the rule is that they’re supposed to let people eat or drink outside, and the owner said no one wants to do that because they’ll go out of business,” Davidson said, before delivering several punchlines about his fellow Staten Islanders.

“So I take it you found these protests frustrating?” asked his co-star, Colin Jost.

“Yeah, man, they’re making us look like babies,” Davidson said, before advocating that everyone stay at home.

The Federalist doesn’t bother to mention that he’s Jewish, or that the entire writing team of SNL is Jewish, or that the entire media that created this coronavirus madness is Jewish.

They don’t mention that the Jews are the single wealthiest group in the world, and thus the group that is least affected by these economy destroying measures.

Probably, it is about time to start mentioning the fact that Jews are the ones destroying our society. The coronavirus lockdowns are so Jewish, so obviously a situation of Jews attacking normal white Christian Americans and other gentile populations, that it would be nothing to point this fact out.

It is actually shocking to talk about SNL attacking normal people and not mention how overwhelmingly Jewish it is.

Nothing that is happening in the West really even makes sense if you don’t point out the Jewish issue.