This Borg Cube is actually a public school in Chicago.

Inexplicably, the Chicago Teachers’ Union posted a tweet claiming that “the push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny.”

It’s totally unclear what they meant by this, and they did not explain it. They just dropped it out there, and then when questioned about it, deleted the tweet.

By the way: yes, “sexism” and “misogyny” are synonyms.

It was pointed out that these teachers are actually lazy and just want to get paid for not working.

Some people did agree, of course, because racism-believers are actual mindless zombies, who will nod along to anything while repeating programmed buzzwords.

But ultimately, they made the decision to remove the tweet and apologize.

Frankly, I can’t blame them for not wanting to work – their students are all blacks and foreigners, and it must be a literal hell to work in that environment. I suppose, however, they should have made different life choices, and this really isn’t anyone’s problem. That’s dishonest of me. Truly no one asked for this lunatic lockdown nonsense… wait… no these idiot teachers did ask for it and they went along with it happily. I take that previous part back.

Basically, the tweet proves that at this point, people will make insinuations of racism/sexism based on nothing at all, in order to promote their own self-interests, and expect not to be questioned on it. In general, they won’t be questioned on it, because no one understands anything about this whole “racism” hoax, and basically everyone has learned to walk on eggshells.

In this specific case, it was just too obvious that these people were trying to get out of working by blaming sexist racists. The self-interest conflict was at the core of the thing and you guys might think, “this makes no sense”, and I would be more than happy to remind you that in a female dominated society/world, nothing has to make sense. Nothing ever does as it’s seen daily in this nightmare Gynotopia we exist in. It is all about feelings, and fleeting desires. Communism and Socialism are both essentially female biological constructs that make absolutely no sense, save only to those who are feminized, unfit for competition and are themselves incompetent. Men who do support the Gynotopia are soy faggots, dipped in estrogen and lack the defining physiological trait of a man — testosterone. They are the ones who are all for redistribution of wealth.

Furthermore, saying “sexist” weakened the message in the tweet, given that it is obviously primarily women who have to deal with kids when they’re not in school.

But in general, this will work.

You should probably start using it in your own life.