Many have noted on several occasions that the most important question/answer you can seek in your quest to understanding the impact of COVID-19 is “Knock, knock, who’s there?”

Take, for example, Florida where the rush of new cases is a constant (unfounded) point of alarm for Team Apocalypse. The “who” matters:

Or look at California. The fastest growing demographic of cases are Latinos between the ages of 18 and 34. Two months ago there were 20K cases and 38 deaths. Today cases have nearly quadrupled (78K) but deaths went up by fewer than 60 people.

Tennessee provides some great data on cases and deaths by age demographic.

The evidence simply does not support the claims, folks. It is all a hoax made up of fake, inflated numbers: both cases and deaths. Deaths especially. The sad part about all this is, this is too much data and “confusing stuff” for boomers and retards.