As a result of a virus hoax, the entire planet has sunk into a tyrannical, nightmarish existence. The whole world at this moment is under a police state.

One does not need to speak the language spoken in the video to comprehend what’s going on. However, the video shows Dutch citizens being arrested for handing out flyers without masks. In addition, a girl is tackled to the ground and the cacophony of kids crying in the background makes for an emotionally distraught viewing.

Many of us who are aware of what’s going on are awaiting the advent of a literal, physical one-world government body, but the one-world government is already here in hivemind.

There is a collectivism around us in the form of all police forces around the world, who are ready and willing to subdue us — those of us who are not believers of the superstition — if we do not comply. All state officials worldwide are working in concert with the media outlets to promote this hoax and keep its narrative alive.

So, the one-world government may not be here in an actual officiating capacity, as yet, but for the time being the earth beneath us trembles in anticipation of the colossus. We are already under a form of one-world governance, we just haven’t really recognized it as such.

There is another hivemind, however, that should give us all hope, and that hivemind is the collective of those who see what’s taking place and those who are willing to fight and push back against the tyrannical takeover.

For me, I am going to continue to write and keep you guys informed; granting different perspectives and dispelling the myths and themes emerging out of this crisis. I have enough information to edify those who are open to learning the truth. The Corona Chronicles starts now.