It sure would have been nice if Fox News hosts would have been calling out William Barr nine monts ago when I was begging them to.

Remember that I was begging.


Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro, one of President Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters, has turned on Attorney General Bill Barr, calling him a “reptile” for daring to weigh in on election voter fraud.

While Pirro once praised Barr, she is now referring to him as a ‘swamp dweller’ for his comments this week that there has been no substantial evidence of widespread voter fraud in the presidential election.

“As a former prosecutor, for over three decades, I and virtually everyone similarly situated know that DOJ guidelines do not allow comment on investigations,” Pirro said Sunday night in a long rant directed at Barr, whose job some have predicted could be on the line since his election comments as they break with the president’s hard-line stance that he won in a landslide.

“We need answers. We need action. We need justice. And you, Mr. Barr, are so deep in the swamp you can’t see beyond your fellow reptiles, and you are not the exceptional leader needed at this exceptional time in history,” Pirro added about the attorney general.

The Fox News host’s intense comments surprised many, especially considering her past praise of Barr.


She apparently didn’t know what this guy was up to until now.

Here is an abridged list of his crimes:

  • Covering up the Epstein scandal (would have implicated major Democrats, including the Clintons)
  • Covering up the “Crossfire Hurricane” Russiagate spying scandal (would have ended with Obama, Comey and Rosenstein all going to prison for attempting to undermine democracy)
  • Refusing to stop the coronavirus lockdown
  • Refusing to stop Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting
  • Allowing Google, Twitter and Facebook to openly manipulate voters for the purpose of changing the outcome of the election
  • Allowing Google, Twitter and Facebook to violate anti-trust laws
  • Allowing Google, Twitter and Facebook to violate the First Amendment
  • Refusing to investigate massive mail-in election fraud in Minnesota (would have discredited the entire concept of the 2020 presidential election)

He did all that, and somehow, Fox News hosts didn’t figure out that there was a problem with this guy until he said there was no election fraud.

That is the wages of Specular Effect being banned from everything. No one has any idea what is even going on.

William Barr is at the center of every single aspect of the election hoax, from the word “go”.

Deceiving Americans is like beating up a baby.