The solution to a nagging wife used to be a simple slap across the mouth. If she continued, you could maybe hold her head under the water in the bath tub for a while.

But the days of simple solutions ended when we decided to give women rights.

Now, you have to get creative, and basically, just try to escape.

Wanted in Milan:

A man who stormed out of his home in the north Italian city of Como after arguing with his wife went for a walk – a very long walk – ending up 450 kilometres away in Le Marche a week later.

The man’s odyssey saw him leave his house in Lombardia and head south via Bologna, before being stopped by police in Fano, a town on the Adriatic coast, while out “wandering aimlessly” at 02.00 in the morning.

After charging the 48-year-old with violating Italy’s nightly covid-19 curfew, the officers unravelled his bizarre story, reports Bologna-based newspaper Il Resto del Carlino.

The man, who appeared “lucid and focused” despite being cold and tired, told police he hadn’t realised that he had covered so much ground on his week-long adventure, and that he had received food from people he met on his way.

It was then discovered that the man’s wife had filed a missing person’s report for her husband at the police headquarters in Como.

The man was taken to a hotel where he was fed and given lodging, while the next day his wife set out to drive the 450 km to collect her runaway husband who had run up a hotel bill in addition to his €400 fine.

There really is no solution to the woman problem, when we have these “domestic violence” laws. Just as a child or a dog requires a bit of physical discipline now and again, so thusly does a woman.

You have to remind them of the natural order: you are stronger than them, and if you needed to, you could force them to do whatever you want them to do. The reason that you don’t is out of kindness, but that kindness is dependent on her staying within certain limits.

If it’s illegal to discipline them, then they will always be out of control.

Obviously, some marriages remain successful even today. But it is far less than clear why successful marriages remain successful. What’s more, we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes in those marriages, and it is likely that the men in these relationships are completely dominated by their women.

Even global sex symbols like Johnny DeppBrad Pitt and Ben Affleck cannot keep women in line. What hope does a normal man have?

(You can say whatever you want about these men, but they have the highest sexual marketplace value of any men on earth and even they can’t make a marriage work).

The family is the core unit of society, and without healthy families, we cannot ever hope to have a healthy society. What feminism (female biology unfettered) has done is make healthy families a total impossibility.

This lunatic lockdown certainly isn’t going to help marriages any. I predicted that divorce would at least double and probably triple over the next decade. We don’t really have any good studies on it yet, but we do have a lot of reports about the numbers shooting up.

And we’re not even at the bad part yet. We’re going to look back at 2020 like it was a perfect year when we finally get into the thick of it.