Sure, in France, the militarized riot police might just shoot tear gas into random people’s houses and kill the elderly.

But that is the cost of democracy.


The daughter of an 80-year-old woman killed when a tear gas grenade was fired into her apartment by French riot police two years ago has filed a legal complaint against former Interior Minister Christophe Castaner over the death.

In 2018, Zineb Redouane was closing the shutters of her flat in Marseille when she was struck by the canister, fired during a Yellow Vest demonstration. Experts estimated it had been travelling at more than 97km/h when it hit her chest and face, and she died in hospital shortly thereafter. A report earlier this year into the incident cleared the police of any wrongdoing.

However, a recent investigation conducted by the French non-governmental organization Disclose, using reconstructions by a research group at the University of London, contradicted that report and alleged that the officer who had fired the canister was targeting residential homes.

As a result of the NGO’s findings, Redouane’s daughter, Milfed, has now lodged a legal complaint against Castaner, who was the interior minister at the time of her mother’s death.

Her daughter’s lawyer, Yassine Bouzrou, has repeatedly accused the former minister and others of obstructing justice, and now, in the formal complaint, is accusing him of concealing and interfering with evidence.

Castaner, who currently leads the ruling La République En Marche! party, has repeatedly claimed Redouane’s death was not linked with the tear gas grenade. In 2019, pronouncing claims that police killed her as false, he told France’s Inter radio station, “We must stop this talk of police violence”.

If this old woman doesn’t like being murdered by the police, then maybe she ought to move to RUSSIA or CHINA.

There are problems in democracy, sure. For instance, you don’t have any freedom of speech, you’re locked in your house because of a virus hoax, they collapse your economy so they can transfer your wealth to billionaires, and you’re constantly being beaten up or maybe murdered by the cops.

But all of that is a very small price to pay for democracy.

In China, they might have more freedom of speech, they might be allowed to walk around freely, their government might care about taking care of the middle class, and the cops might not beat everyone up and kill them. But what does any of that matter if they don’t have democracy?