“Let me tell you how to stick ’em with the jab.”

It’s something you learn in Advertising 101: the less there is of something, the more people want it.

Pfizer made more vaccine doses than there were people who wanted the vaccine, so they’re hoaxing scarcity.

This is a marketing gimmick.


US pharma giant Pfizer has said that it will deliver 50 million doses this year of its COVID-19 vaccine, which was developed by German firm BioNTech. The new forecast represents half of the 100 million doses the firm had originally hoped to deliver, a company spokeswoman told US newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

Pfizer blamed supply chain problems for the reduction in its delivery target, saying it took longer than expected to ramp up the supply of raw materials. The firm added that the results of a clinical study were available later than expected, which also played a role in halving the delivery target.

The BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine is reported to be 95% effective against coronavirus and has already been approved by the UK, the first country in the Western world to do so.

DW rounds up the most important developments around the world.

Here’s an article from a psychology website compiling studies about how you can use scarcity to make a product more appealing to the consumer.

It’s horrible that such a basic advertising technique will work to convince X number of people to get injected with a gene-altering experimental compound.

The masses of people are just absurdly easy to manipulate. It almost seems like a joke sometimes.

They need people who care about them to guide them, or these vultures just eat them alive.