Welcome to Mayor Lori “Buckwheat” Lightfoot’s Marxist utopia. All thugs and criminals welcome! Trump was right about Chicago being worse than Afghanistan. It is the most gun controlled area in the country, yet rampant gun crime. Obviously legal gun ownership is not an issue.

Throw the holocough into the mix and you have a real hellscape scenario.

In addition to roving bands of violent apes tormenting the innocent, Chicago’s mayor had the the gaul to suggest that, “we can’t live in a world where only certain people are taking the vaccine”. Here’s the interview:

Sounds rich and highly moral, right? Rational, even? Consider this: this thing that passes for a mayor was the one that allowed BLM, ANTIFA and other menacing hordes to take to the streets of Chicago earlier in the year. Where was this rationality and soundness of mind, then? Weren’t they spreading the virus? Where was the urgent call for compliance when these “peaceful protestors” spread their love all over the city in mass numbers? Hypocrisy isn’t even the word.

This bitch looks like a Jim Henson puppet

Remember her tiff in the media about having to get her “hurrr did” because she has to be on TV, while others weren’t allowed to open their places of business or visit the hair salons? She claimed she took her hygiene very seriously, as if others don’t.

Besides, who is her hairdresser, anyway? Edward Scissor-hands? Stevie Wonder?

Yes folks, we have finally entered the gates of hell where “rules for thee, but not for me” is beyond the norm. It is expected, yet I suspect it won’t be for long. People are waking up and they are angry. Very angry!