Okay, the smelly, gooey bodily discharge has just hit the spinning object on the ceiling.

This young man was “suicided” today. You’re probably wondering, “who the hell is he and why does he matter?” Well, he is Harrison Deal, boyfriend of the daughter of the Governor of Georgia. Why is he a big deal? Hold your horses. Firstly, he was “suicided” in a fiery car accident.

He was a staffer of Kelly Loeffler, another GA official, and his death is considered to be due to suspicious circumstances. An “accident”.

Harrison Deal Dead: Kelly Loeffler’s Staffer Dies in Car Crash

No details about the “accident” are released publicly as of now, no information on how many people were involved in the “accident”. It sounds very fishy. Some claims on social media say Harrison Deal had inside information on the election fraud in Georgia. This is obviously not proven or confirmed, so be aware of that.

As always, I’ll keep digging and keep you guys informed, but here’s my take on it:

The message has been sent. The message has been received. “Do as you’re told or else”. The Democrat officials involved in this election fraud are ready to tie up all loose ends. There will be no scraps in their scrapbook. The folks near and dear to you, WILL DIE. You can be sure about that.

Of course, and naturally, certain officials will be allowed to carry out their roles in this sordid agenda, but if they turncoat, their boats will not stay afloat. This is a Faustian Contract unfolding right before our eyes.

Shit just got really serious!