The coronavirus was active and infecting people in the United States as early as December, before China said that they had a problem with the virus, a recent study of Red Cross blood samples has shown.

This doesn’t simply bring the entire narrative surrounding the virus into question, it disproves the entire narrative.

The study, published by the Oxford University Press for the Infectious Diseases Society of America, was authored by US government employees. They went through and looked at blood samples collected by the Red Cross between December 13 and January 17, and found that donors in nine different states – from California to Rhode Island – had antibodies for COVID-19. This means that these people came into contact with the virus long before the first case was allegedly discovered in Seattle, Washington on January 21.

The first and most obvious fact here is that this proves that this isn’t a “deadly pandemic.” If it was a deadly pandemic, it wouldn’t have been possible to have the virus circulating for months without anyone even noticing. Of course, my position from the beginning has been that if the virus hadn’t ever been identified, we never would have known it existed. People who got “sick with it” would be told they have the flu, and no one would have noticed anything out of order.

The second thing is that this once again brings into question the idea that this virus originated from China. There remains no evidence that it came from bats. Anti-Chinese US politicians are claiming that it leaked from a lab in Wuhan, but that doesn’t actually make any sense either.

Tucker Carlson is a key figure in spreading the “released from a lab” hoax. Back in September, he interviewed Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist who is the key figure forwarding this claim. She is very obviously tied to Western intelligence, and she doesn’t have any evidence at all for her claims.

She may even be a member of Falun Gong, the CIA and State Department backed cult that is trying to overthrow the Chinese government. Falun Gong has been at the center of various nonsense conspiracy theories about China, which are now coming to the center as the war drums are being beaten. (Falun Gong also got some publicity recently when they released those Hunter Biden sex videos).

Frankly, it doesn’t even matter where it came from, because it isn’t harmful, but it did come from somewhere, and someone identified it and said it was dangerous, then that narrative was used to destroy the world.

I watched Tucker Carlson last night and he started out calling the coronavirus a fraud, then started talking about this Red Cross blood study. I was really stoked about what he was saying. Then, he went into an anti-China direction with it, saying that China lied even harder because it came from China even earlier.

This is moronic.

Again: the basis of the claim that it came from China is that this is where it first appeared. Now, we know that it was other places before it was in China. This means that it is no longer logical to claim that it came from China.

Look at what the governments of the West did to us. They stripped us of all of our basic freedoms. They collapsed our economy, wiping out the middle class and transferring all of their wealth to corporations, bankers and billionaires. They now have a plan to create a system of global government with their “Great Reset” as a response to the fake crisis which they themselves created.

This was all very purposeful.

There is absolutely zero chance that the virus just popped up, and the government came up with this plan on the fly. This is all stuff that has been planned for decades, and they pulled the trigger on it on their own terms. That means that wherever the virus was first located, the globalists themselves are responsible for it.

Remember – the virus was also found in Italy as early as September of 2019. As of right now, those are the earliest known cases of the virus. So, it would make sense, given the information we have right now, to assume the virus emerged in Italy and then spread to the United States and China sometime in November.

Obviously, the US Government didn’t want people to know that we had it in the US before it was identified in China, or they would have done these tests earlier.

This Isn’t Complicated

I do not deny the existence of “the virus!”. I believe that “the virus!” exists, and that the virus (if there is one) is a mild flu. Although the majority of the deaths attributed to the virus are falsely attributed to it, as we’ve been over in great detail on this site, it is possible that it has killed some old people. However, those old people would have died from another flu if they had not died from this flu.

Blaming China for the virus is pointless and confusing. The Falun Gong cultists and their supporters – who have recently gone mainstream, with the Jews endorsing their idiotic nonsense  – are saying that China purposefully spread the virus. Well, what was their goal in purposefully spreading the virus? Surely, it wasn’t to kill people. If the suggestion is that it was to trick the West into doing lunatic lockdowns, that is even dumber. These lockdowns are the agenda of the ruling elite. So, in that case, China would be working for the Western elite in order to push an agenda to drum up hatred against China.

This is all goofy, and it serves no purpose.

Coronavirus only makes sense in terms of a globalist plot to transform society. Talking about the virus is somewhat pointless, because again, if there were no tests for it, we wouldn’t know it existed.

This is what is going on:

  • The ruling globalist elite wanted to create a massive crisis to transform society.
  • By running social simulations, they figured out that the masses of people would surrender their rights and agree to have their economy collapsed if they were afraid of a virus.
  • The elite released a “virus!”. “The virus!” is benign, because people will go along with it even whilst it is benign, so there was no reason in dealing with the risks that a real virus would create. (Furthermore, they can continue to function as they normally would, and keep industries they want to be turned on going as normal, which they would have problems doing if they had released a real deadly virus.)
  • China is one of the last holdouts in joining the Western globalist system of feminism, anal sex, multiracialism and general Jewish domination.
  • Because they were releasing a virus anyway, they tied “the virus!” to China, so that they could use the panic over “the virus!” to drum up hatred for the Chinese, to later justify action against them.

This is all very simple, it is all right in front of your face, and you can understand it all very easily without going down some weird, confusing rabbit hole about how the Chinese are secretly working with the Democrats to start a war against China. Oy vey! That is dumb.

We have to stop talking about China. This is not a real problem. Maybe in some other dimension, the rise of China would be a relevant issue to be addressed. HOWEVER: there would be relatively easy solutions to containing China if you weren’t trying to conquer China.

All of the current talk about China goes back to the fact that the globalists are trying to create a one-world unified system of government, and China is standing in the way of that.

We have problems that we need to be dealing with. Those problems are not related to China in any way. Those problems are homegrown and voted into power.