I’ve been telling you: as the lockdown progresses, you’re going to see more and more insane behavior.

Basically, every person has a stress meter in their brain, and when it fills up, the person snaps. Some people have bigger meters than others, but everyone has a meter. Everyone will, at a certain point, completely snap and do something insane.

Isolating people, telling them there is a virus everywhere, telling them they have to wear masks all the time, collapsing their businesses, taking away all of their freedoms – this drastically increases the stress meter.

By my estimate, the lockdown thus far has moved the meter by about half. This means that anyone who had a half-full stress meter before the lockdown began is already on the verge of snapping.


A man in Oregon fatally shot a teenager Thanksgiving week after getting upset that the 19-year-old was playing music loudly in the parking lot of an inn that the two were staying at, police said.

Robert Paul Keegan, 47, shot Aidan Ellison on Monday at the Stratford Inn in Ashland after the pair got into an argument over Ellison playing loud music, Ashland Police Chief Tighe O’Meara told CNN.

Around 4:20 a.m. during their argument, Keegan pulled a gun from his coat and fired a single shot, striking Ellison in the chest, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“The blame for the incident is entirely on Robert Keegan, he is 100% responsible for it,” O’Meara said. “He’s the one who chose to bring a gun into the situation.”

Keegan was arraigned on November 24 and indicted for charges including second degree murder, first degree manslaughter, unlawful possession of a firearm, and recklessly endangering another person.

He pleaded not guilty to all four charges on Friday. He is currently being held in the Jackson County Jail without bail and is set to appear in court on February 21, 2021.

His 3-year-old son was in their hotel room at the time of the shooting and was handed over to his grandparents when his father was arrested, O’Meara said.

The killing of Ellison, a Black man, resulted in collective mourning from his community alongside calls against racism, which O’Meara said was “valid.”

“I understand that there are legitimate tensions surrounding matters of violence against people of color in the US, and this situation speaks directly to that,” O’Meara said.

“I want to do whatever I can with the police department to navigate our marginalized community member relationships and find a way through this.”

Is it really “valid”?

It seems that the race of the victim is related to the fact that only a black person would blast music like that and then refuse to turn it off when asked. The idea that the man who snapped was thinking “I hate this dark skin color” seems relatively unlikely.

Whatever the case: obviously, people need to be held responsible for their actions, and they shouldn’t be allowed to go around shooting their hotel neighbors. However, we should as a society recognize that this lockdown is quite obviously driving people insane, and that if we do not begin to normalize our society quickly, many more people are going to die as a result of mental breakdowns.