We’ve seen the build up to the war with China for nearly a year now.

We’re now seeing the hardcore atrocity propaganda rolling out in earnest.

And who better to do that than the Jews themselves?

The Israeli paper Haaretz this week ran a 4,500-word article with the headline “China’s ‘XXX Files’: ‘25 Thousand People Disappear Each Year, Their Organs Are Harvested’

The article is actual Falun Gong propaganda, following the idiotic and decades old claim that the Chinese government kidnaps Falun Gong and harvests their organs. The Jews allege that China “appears to be running out of young and healthy Falun Gong, and, like ‘a dog returning to its vomit,’ the party’s killing machine has returned to Xinjiang,” referring to the Moslem region where China has been putting some Moslems in camps to try to manage the terrorism problem.

The Jews claim that these camps are secretly organ harvesting camps.

Falun Gong is a cult set up by the CIA, and they’ve been talking about organ harvesting since the 1990s. This was always intended to be something that they could use in the case of needing a war with China. The Epoch Times, a Falun Gong newspaper, is the only source for these claims. Normal newspapers did not print these claims, because there is no evidence other than “eyewitness testimony” from agents of this cult, and the claims themselves are idiotic.

It’s unclear how the Falun Gong knows that the organs of the people they claim are disappearing are being harvested. None of their explanations for that make any sense. No element of any of this makes any sense. But people will apparently believe that some group of people on the other side of the planet are just evil for evil’s sake. People believed that the Nazis masturbated millions of Jews to death for literally no reason.

You may recall that it was the Jews who set up the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to give a speech before Congress claiming to have witnessed Iraqi soldiers pulling Kuwaiti babies out of incubators and throwing them on the floor, smashing their heads.

The girl claimed to be named “Nayirah,” and the Jewish “Holocaust survivor” Tom Lantos set the whole thing up.

It was totally fake. No such event took place. But the first Iraq war was certainly real.

Lantos never apologized for staging this war.

The Jews did not get caught faking the Holocaust or allowing 911 to be planned and executed through Saudi intelligence, but they did that.

Every single time the Jews want a war, they dream up some kind of outrageous, emotionalized nonsense and feed it to the goyim. If you needed more proof that the Jews are pushing for war with China, well, now you have it.

The single reason that they would print this absurd nonsense about genocidal organ harvesting is that they are planning a war.

The worst part is that I know that many of you are sitting there reading this thinking the Jews are right, the Chinese are organ harvesters, and we have to save these Moslems.

There is literally zero chance that the majority of people will not go along with this after another year of this. They’ve made everyone hate the Chinese already, without even explaining what they did. Vaguely, it’s been claimed that they purposefully spread the coronavirus, which makes no sense on really any level. That’s another claim that originates with the Falun Gong.

Falun Gong were at the rally in Arizona this week, attempting to redirect the energies of stupid boomers into attacking the Chinese – right while we’re in the middle of trying to stop our country from being stolen from us. At one point, they set up a stage and started speaking about why the US needs to invade China.

This would be a way for Joe Biden – or Kamala Harris – to rally the American people, if they were to get into office. Virtually every single Republican politician supports a war with China, and that includes the likes of Josh Hawley and the rest of the people they are telling you should replace Donald Trump.

Trump, for his part, attacks China only because it is an easy enemy to blame for things. He needed someone to blame, and they gave him China, but Trump never cared about the Antifa in Hong Kong, or the Moslems in Xinjiang. What he was trying to do with China was simply fix the trade deals. Ben Sasse attacked Trump for not caring enough about oppressed Moslems in China.

The Republicans are forming a narrative that makes zero sense about Joe Biden being controlled by the Chinese. If you look at the Hunter Biden thing, this had little to do with the government of China. It was just a situation of corrupt businessmen wanting favor. Certainly, that doesn’t amount to being controlled by China, and it does not in any way mean that Biden will not be hostile towards China – much more so than Trump – if he is allowed to get in.

Basically, in order for globalism to work, sometime within the next decade there needs to be a regime change in China. If there isn’t, China will be able to easily dominate the completely corrupt, deranged and socially collapsing Western world.