World renowned kraken releaser and unique genius Sidney Powell has released two krakens. One on the corrupt and depraved state of Georgia, another on the completely doomed state of Michigan.

A kraken only drinks one thing: the blood of Democrats.

Here are the two lawsuits, from her website:

I’ve perused the suits, and rather than focusing exclusively on the Dominion Voting Systems machines and software, which is the biggest thing that Powell has been talking about in the media, they both cover a barrage of data points regarding the fraud, and prove that Joe Biden’s supposed victories in these states is completely invalid.

She is demanding that the results be de-certified due to this overwhelming evidence of fraud.

To counter the Georgia suit, Governor Kemp has filed a suit claiming that he was raped by Sidney Powell.

“A dangerous object was rammed into my asshole,” Kemp said. “And that object’s name was the kraken.”

This man is a literal human bandit, who no doubt got paid by Jews to go along with this heist.

They probably paid him in FRESH PIZZA – if you catch my drift.

For all of you math geniuses out there – if both Georgia and Michigan were to be flipped, we would still be six points shy of a victory, which means we would need another state to flip.

Georgia is the big one though.

If we can prove fraud on one state, then we’re in business.

This entire ridiculous hoax is a house of cards.

We’ve also got serious business happening in Pennsylvania.

Rudy Giuliani is working there to bring down the entire rotten system. State Senator Doug Mastriano gave an astonishing speech on Wednesday at the state legislature, which you should watch because it will give you hope.

Mastriano was of course quickly banned from Twitter after giving the speech.

Because this is the new normal of politics: Democrats just ban opposition politicians from speaking in public.

There are a lot of cracks in this hoax. In fact, it is a hoax that is made entirely of cracks. Everyone knows it.

Two types of people in this country:

  1. People who know the election is stolen and think that’s bad
  2. People who know the election is stolen and think that’s good

There isn’t anyone else, which proves, definitively, that no one ever cared about this democracy nonsense. Everyone only ever wanted their person to be in office. The Democrats – as their name suggests – are the biggest supporters of the whole democracy nonsense, and they are also bold thieves of elections, meaning that they do not believe in any of this “values and principles” gibberish that they espouse.

Republicans who shill democracy, like Dan Crenshaw, Mitt Romney and Nimrata Randhawa, also do not care that the election was stolen. They just want to tap dance on the grave of America while rummaging around in the mouth of the corpse for gold fillings.

Literally gay pirate tooth thieves.

“Argh, matey, I’ve sailed the seven seas, and I’ve never found a people as chosen as ye. Wherever I sail, I sail with Israel!”

His Jew boat is now going to meet the KRAKEN!

No one thinks that any Republican is ever going to win national office again, ever. If they’re able to get away with fraud once, they can do it again. It’s game over on any future for a white, Christian America – and in fact, game over on a future for any whites Christian individuals! Game over for Western Civilization.

Furthermore, they’re going to legalize 30+ million Mexicans to vote for them. I think it’s 50 million – at least. But everyone now admits it’s at least 30.

These people are literally handing over the country to a permanent one party system. It is insane. They all know it. Everyone knows it. It’s self-explanatory.

Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani – they are fighting! Nick Fuentes and Alex Jones are fighting!

I’m fighting!

I have no idea how this is going to turn out, and it doesn’t look very good at all right now, frankly. What I do know is this: we have to fight this every step of the way! We have a moral obligation to our country, to our ancestors that build our country, and to our children’s futures!

If we lose this election, our only way out is secession. But if we cannot fight all the way on the election, then how are we going to fight all the way on secession???

All of these Republicans are worse than surrender monkeys – they are TRAITORS.

Imagine just how little leadership we have that there was NOT ONE elected Republican at our Stop the Steal rallies! Imagine it!