Eat your heart out Bibzy, Trump’s gonna snuff you out.

That’s because Netanyahu hailed imposter Biden as ‘president-elect’ thinking Trump had no path to victory.

Give a look…give a listen [Clip]

[”I wish to congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”]

That’s Hebrew for Bibzy screwing his “best friend,” President Trump.

But the back-stabber (a Jewish tradition) has to be already peeing in his pants.

Trump has many paths to victory.

Here’s how Trump wins.

1) State Legislatures will certify elections on December 14.

The State Legislatures have Republican majorities in the battleground states:

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin.

These Republican Legislatures could legally deem as valid only the ballots cast at the time the polls officially closed prior to the coordinated tallying shutdowns at midnight when heaps of suspicious mail-in ballots came pouring in for Biden.

Trump was winning by a landslide when the polls closed.

We all know what happened next: grand larceny on a swinish scale while everybody slept.

Now, these State Legislatures have a Constitutional right to appoint their own slate of electors instead of the electors selected to award Biden the win.

With the fraud in our faces these Republican State Legislatures are duty-bound to re-appoint their own electors.

Then Mike Pence, as President of the Senate, would receive the ballots represented by the Legislatures’ electors.

Protecting the sovereignty of the States is what’s at stake here, not the sovereignty of the Jewish-run mob.

If Pence chooses the Legislatures’ appointed electors:

Voila! Trump wins.

2) If the US House rejects Pence’s choice it goes to a House vote on January 6th.

Each State gets only one vote.

Thirty one States have a Republican majority in the House, nineteen States have a Democrat majority in the House.

The Senate, a Republican majority, also has one vote per State.

It’s a slam dunk, Trump wins.

3) If Congress is deadlocked, then Pelosi (blech!) becomes acting president (whose actions can be negated) until the impasse is settled.

Then the election-theft goes to the Supreme Court.

The Trump Campaign Legal Team, along with 3rd party independent attorneys such as Sidney Powell and Lin Wood—no, the Trump Team did not “fire” Sidney Powell—are developing hard evidence of illegal election day extensions; Biden-only ballots; Dominion Voting Systems using algorithms coded to flip votes from Trump to Biden; and statistical proof of countless Democrat precincts suspiciously showing tallies with the exact same vote ratio-split between Biden as ‘winner’ and Trump as ‘loser.’

As Sidney Powell says, “That’s like flipping a coin 186,000 times and it lands on heads every time.”

At the very least, SCOTUS must disallow all ballots—hundreds of thousands of them—in Michigan and Wisconsin where past midnight vote dumping showed 100 percent of the votes going for Biden and zero percent — nada, zilch — for Trump.

As for the late mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, SCOTUS must also disallow.

There the swinish Jew, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, unlawfully authorized counting ballots arriving up to three days after Election Day even without a postmark.

That’s what a Jew will do to screw all of you.

It’s in direct violation of Pennsylvania’s own legislated statutes which require ballots to be postmarked and received by election authorities by 8pm Election Day, and ballots coming in later cannot be counted.

Again, Trump wins.

The creeping corporate-technocratic-socialist-big media-pathological medical tyranny hell-bent on destroying America’s Constitutional Republic will be cut off.

The leading players of this criminal element:

David Solomon of Goldman Sachs; Marc Zuckerberg and Susan Wojcicki of Facebook and Google; George Soros whose linked Tides Foundation shared an office with Dominion Voting Systems in Toronto, only upon exposure to recently pack up and flee; Jacob Tapperman and Brian Stelter of Communist News Network CNN; and ‘Rachel’ Levine, Secretary of Health of Pennsylvania, an ugly transgenderized Jewish male posing as a gruesome looking female…will see their serpentine, treasonous coup choked and checked.

But there’s a Catch-22.

If Trump gets in, Jared Kushner could possibly rule the roost.

If Biden gets in, Douglas Emhoff—Commeela’s Jewish husband, a Big Tech Yiddishee lawyer—will rule the roost.

I’ll take my chances with Trump.

After Bibzy stabbed him in the back Trump’s knows who his real enemies are.

As unpredictable and contrarian as Trump can be — especially to snakes and back-stabbers — Trump may decide to trash the Jewish Establishment, along with his son-in-law, and IsraHell to boot.

Talk about peeing in your pants!

It would be Trump’s second term and he can do as he may please.

Then let Bibzy and his seditious tribe find an old rotten tree to piss on.

Oy vey!