Earlier this week, we got some apparently bad news in the form of Donald Trump allowing for the GSA to begin the transition of power to the criminal usurper Joe Biden.

It’s hard to figure out a way to spin that, but I figured out a way: if he was planning to declare martial law, he would not want the enemy to know that’s what he was planning. So he would pretend to not be planning to do that.

Of course, if martial law is the play, it would make zero difference whether or not the fiend Biden had started communicating with federal agencies – most of those agencies are going to be shut down by special forces soldiers in black unmarked uniforms pointing guns at people’s heads and screaming the f-word.

I have told you frankly: I support martial law, but all of this is in Trump’s hands.

What we must say right now is that nothing has changed: he is still tweeting up a storm, with the same material, continuing to prove that he is indeed the one and only Real President of America – and he always will be.

Immediately after the media started saying the GSA order was an admission of defeat, he tweeted otherwise.

Then he started tweeting about, and retweeting, the Hollywood actors that support him.

(Randy Quaid is the brother of Dennis Quaid, and played the bad guy in the Chevy Chase “Vacation” films. I think Trump only just now found out he’s a supporter and started retweeting his entire account.)

That was followed by more FRAUD news.

And he retweeted the Columbia Bugle (very cool!).

More assurances about the GSA decision.

He then tweeted a clip of a short press conference he gave.

And a clip of his Thanksgiving message.

More fraud FACTS.

A Newsmax poll showing that nearly 100% of people think he should not concede to Usurper Joe.

More footage of the lovely Thanksgiving event.

A spree of fraud facts.

He tweeted a Sidney Powell interview, showing he isn’t finished with her.

Thankfully, he retweeted a global warming hoax link.

This is the latest, at time of writing:

So, many possibilities remain open.

I’m not sure how I should tell you to feel about anything. It’s up to you how you feel.

But possibilities do exist.

We have not lost this yet.

If we do lose, we still haven’t lost, and we need to follow the plan.

We’ve got plans within plans here.

We’re not going down without a fight.