Donald Trump has distanced himself from Sidney Powell, one of the key lawyers involved in his legal defense, according to a statement from Trump campaign lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis posted to Twitter on Sunday.

Bizarrely, the statement makes it sound like she was never employed by the Trump team at all, saying: “Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own.”

This looks bad. If the team didn’t like what she was saying, they should have told her to chill. I guess maybe they did and she wouldn’t, but people were really excited about what she was saying, and this is demoralizing for the people.

Powell had been attacked by the media for making claims without clear evidence about voter fraud. Shamefully, Tucker Carlson was among those who attacked her.

Powell had said that she had proof of Dominion Voting Systems flipping millions of votes from Trump to Joe Biden, and that she was biding her time and planning to release the information later.

I’ve wondered whether she actually had this information, as it clearly doesn’t make any sense why she wouldn’t have released it, but that’s just whatever. We obviously know that voter fraud happened – the big picture shows that it happened. There is no way that Joe Biden is the most popular person who ever lived, there is no way that all these districts had the largest voter turnout in history.

Yet, what occurs with women is, they believe claims are equal to evidence. They think because they say something, that it ought to be believed and no proof or evidence is required. This is essentially what “believe all women” is about and this is as a result of “girl power”. Senator Powell was relying on this when she made her claims and, when asked for evidence and proof, which she herself promised… you get the rest. This is how women have and will destroy Trump’s cause and attempts to reclaim the election which he rightfully won. This disgusting petulance has taken social media with scores of women claiming election fraud and “having proof”, when all they have are merely claims. Nothing more.

Nonetheless, we have all of the other evidence – dead people voting, ballots being brought in after the count was stopped for no reason, videos of people in polling places filling out ballots, and so on.

Then we have the mail-in ballot scam itself, which cannot in any reality have been legitimate, as Tucker himself has so often explained.

Just an example:

The biggest fraud happened before November 3. What happened in the early hours of November 4 was just cleanup, after they didn’t hit the mark on the number of fake ballots they would need.

It is likely that Powell was fired specifically because Tucker was going nuts, and I think it is simply disgraceful that he went on TV and undermined the President like this. If he thought she had bad information, he could very easily have contacted the Trump team and said as much. He had no right to go out there and suggest that somehow the election was real.

Clearly, he thinks that Trump has lost, but that is far from decided. There is a whole lot that can happen between now and January 20, and he needs to let that play out instead of trying to sabotage our movement.

If Joe Biden wins, he’s going to prison for hate speech. Maybe he’s made some kind of deal with the Democrats to stay out of prison in exchange for sinking the knife in Trump’s back, but they won’t honor that deal. He should be ashamed of himself.

Tucker has been soft on the election hoax from the beginning. He’s the most popular conservative figure in America, the second most influential person in the country, and he doesn’t want to fight the war?


This is not a game. These are the highest possible stakes. All of our lives are riding on this.

Sidney Powell is releasing a KRAKEN, hopefully.

Now – it’s on STEROIDS.