On the strength of today’s conversation with a few guy friends, reminiscing about songs from the 90s, I started in my mind, making a contrast between the music today and back then; looking at the lyrical content and so on, and for me what stood out was how decadent music has become. For example, a new genre of sexual pop music has been pioneered by Cardi B and Ariana Grande, among some others. It can only be properly called “porno pop.”

Grande has a new album out, which features grossly pornographic lyrics, set against tones scientifically calibrated to cause sexual arousal.

This is being marketed to prepubescent children.

This was published recently in Cosmopolitan:

Happy Friday, Arianators! Today is officially positions release day and Ariana Grande quite literally blessed us with an album full of some her raunchiest bops to date. Pretty much every song on the album goes off, but the one that fans can agree is THAT SONG is the unapologetically horny track “34+35.” Let’s discuss these lyrics, shall we?

For those of you that have successfully passed the third grade, it takes no genius to figure out that 34+35 is equivalent to the sum of 69. A direct nod to Ari’s album title, 69 is a position (geddit?) in which two people simultaneously perform oral sex on each other while lying down. In the song, Ari is basically saying she wants to bone her man RTFN; she doesn’t care if they stay up all night doing the nasty or if the neighbors hear her, she plans on doing whatever it takes to make sure she is satisfied. We love a sexual empowerment anthem!

Here are some of the lyrics:

I been drinking coffee (I been drinking coffee)
And I been eating healthy (And I been eating healthy)
You know I keep it squeaky, yeah (You know I keep it squeaky)
Saving up my energy (Saving up my energy)

Can you stay up all night?
Fuck me ’til the daylight
Can you stay up all night?
Fuck me ’til the daylight

In the 1990s, the British pop group the Spice Girls were the first major group to openly market sex to children. Their target demographic was 7 to 11. The beats were taken directly from children’s music, with purposefully silly and fun lyrical noises of the kind which are found in children’s music. The colors used in the advertisement mark it as being aimed at elementary school children.

The message of the group was marketed as “empowerment.” What that meant was “women using the power of sex to control their surroundings.”

I cannot stress enough how aggressively this was marketed to children. It was more than just Spice Girls Barbie dolls.

There were entire sections of Spice Girls toys at Toys R Us.

It should also be understood that this was marketed almost exclusively to preteen girls. While it might have appealed to teenage girls, and could be ironically enjoyed by older women, the sexuality of the women themselves was not intended to appeal to males. Excluding Posh Spice (now known as “Victoria Beckham”), none were particularly attractive – two were fat, one was uniquely ugly, and the other was a black/mixed/mulatto being forced upon the viewers. The sexuality they were marketing was to serve as an inspiration for women to use sexuality to control people.

The Spice Girls’ first single, “Wannabe,” was released in 1996. I was 11 years old at the time, in fifth grade, and I remember the girls in my class going nuts over this song, and in particular the music video, which was played on every screen in the world that year.

The video begins with these women – they were all grown women in their mid-twenties – in revealing slut clothing, roaming the street at night and accosting a normal married couple with kids. The man is in a suit, the woman in a dress with a beehive hairdo. They are a parody of 1950s Anglo society, and in the video they are “squares” who the “girls” are rebelling against with their in-your-face attitude.

They try to sing their song to them, but the “square” family doesn’t want to hear it. They are too busy being a normal family to get down with” girl power” degenerates.

The women barge into a large home where an upper class dinner party is being held, assaulting an old man and destroying his guest list.

When the beat kicks in, you see this black woman’s erect nipples bouncing all up and down.

The women then begin with the “I’ll tell you what I want” that even people growing up today are certainly familiar with.

The women are gyrating all around, making all these aggressive motions as they talk about how they’re going to get what they want.

They harass the squares, with the black woman planting a kiss on the lips of a white “square” in a suit.

They take over the stairs of the home, dancing around.

They assault the party’s attendants with stripper moves.

One of them gets up on the dining table and starts doing acrobatics.

As they’re moving through the building, they harass every type of representative of normal society.

That of course includes a priest, who gets an unsolicited lap dance before having his hat stolen.

The video is exceedingly raunchy and offensive. If it were to be played without sound, it would be extremely offensive, but with this bouncy children’s music, people didn’t really seem to register what exactly was being communicated.

The lyrics make clear what is being communicated: they are about a woman dominating a man to get what she wants from him: “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want… if you want to be my lover, you gotta get with my friends… if you wanna be my lover, you gotta give… you want to get with me, you gotta listen carefully…”

It was a group of aggressive women with their nipples sticking out giving a list of demands that must be met before they will consider having sex with the man who the message is targeted at.

With these beginnings, the Spice Girls created a social movement called “girl power,” which was about women being sexually aggressive and making demands, using sex to get their demands met.

This is what we need to understand: when these women were shaking their tits around shouting “girl power,” it was no different than when the Black Panthers were waving guns around shouting “black power.” We should have understood: this means “we are going to dominate you.”

The Spice Girls are a kind of sex superhero team, each representing a different way for women to be sexually empowered:

  • Ginger Spice – The frontwoman of the group, insomuch as there was a frontwoman, was a large woman with dyed red hair. She represented a kind of generic “party slut.” She would often wear leather and latex, giving a kind of BDSM vibe.
  • Posh Spice – The single attractive member of the group, presumably intended to make the group interesting to girls who were legitimately attractive and aware of that fact, “Posh” represented high fashionability. Using chic to be sexy.
  • Sporty Spice – An actually ugly woman, this represented women being “athletic” and using the format of physical fitness to assert sexual dominance.
  • Baby Spice – This was particularly weird, even given the context, but it appeared to be a pedophile type fetish they were promoting here. “Women can be sexy by acting like little children” was the message communicated.
  • Scary Spice – This was the black one. This one was primarily just included so the toys could be marketed to blacks and nonwhites generally. (I don’t think it was intended to represent a black sexual fetish, given that the group was not marketed to male tastes).

If you look around at millennial women and wonder what is going on with them, understand that they were fed this when they were children. These were the role models they were given when they were 7 and 8 years old: strippers who heroically break into people’s houses and give forced lap dances to priests in order to show they can take what they want.

It’s not hard to see how over the course of 24 years, the “women’s empowerment” message we saw with “Wannabe” transformed into Ariana Grande demanding a man stay up all night performing oral sex on her.

Porno Society

We live in a porno society.

In 2017, the American Psychological Association did a study and claimed that the average age a child is first exposed to pornography is 13, but this seems very hard to believe. The anti-pornography group Fight the New Drug suspects that it’s younger, and I don’t see how it couldn’t be younger. Pornography is naturally fascinating to humans, and it is being carried around in the pockets of every child.

Everyone knows that the alleged “parental controls” on these devices don’t work. Most parents don’t even bother with them. With any single phone, with whatever kinds of alleged content locks on it, anyone with a desire to do so can bring up pornography within 5 seconds. The parental controls are a way for parents to absolve themselves of responsibility. They do not prevent access to pornography, because given the current situation of internet pornography, it is impossible to block access. China is an entire country that has attempted to block all internet pornography using the most high-tech methods available, and they’ve been completely unable to do so. This is a signal being broadcast across the world, and every person who has access to the internet is seconds away from pornography, including children.

No one is concerned about this. It should be considered a very serious crisis. Instead, we’re talking about global warming, racism and the gender pay gap (hoaxes, all three).

Western society doesn’t care about children. They view them as disposable garbage that tends to get in the way of mommy’s fun times. Just look at Ariana Grande – no one gave a shit about her. Her parents divorced when she was 9, and her mother pushed her into show business, which led to her being handed over at the age of 13 to the Jew Dan Schneider.

He used her to make foot fetish porn on Nickelodeon.

One can only shudder to imagine what he was doing to her behind the scenes.

Now that she’s all grown up, she’s singing about getting fucked all night, teaching preteens about keeping their vaginas clean so they can get a man to perform cunnilingus on them.

(This is part of a popular pattern in the Jewish entertainment industry – they introduce young girls to child celebrities, the girls grow up following the child celebrity, as the celebrity ages she begins promoting hardcore porno material. They did this with Miley Cyrus, before that Lindsay Lohan, and before that, Britney Spears, among several other notable examples).

This is what you get when you allow women to run your society.

Women already had an overwhelming amount of power by the time the Spice Girls announced that they would be taking society by storm and using sex to manipulate everyone into doing their bidding. The “girl power” movement was just the last big push, the announcement that women would no longer pretend that they were not in complete control of the levers of social interactions and thus capable of doing whatever they want.

They are right now doing whatever they want. You look around, and you will find that there are zero restraints put on female behavior, and they are thus capable of manipulating all forms of social exchange to what they perceive to be their own benefit. Sadly, women are incapable of grasping the concept that caring about other people and their needs leads to a more stable and cohesive framework of social interactions and thus a happier environment for everyone in the society. A fully-empowered woman is only capable of doing whatever she believes will make her feel good in the moment, without consideration of long term (or often even short term) consequences. Thus, every normative social institution, from family, to school and the workplace, has been ripped apart at the seams by women who believe that everything in their environment only exists to give them immediate satisfaction.

That is what is portrayed in the “Wannabe” video: unrestricted by the social norms and taboos that have dictated her behavior since the dawn of civilization and before, the primal nature of women is unleashed. The upper-class dinner party, a social setting which represents thousands of years of the development of social institutions and hierarchical relationships, is a playground for aggressive, domineering, demanding women to ransack in a quest to “have a good time.”

A woman views everything she comes into contact with like this: “what can this thing I’m looking at do for me right now?” Her deepest desires revolve around base material pleasures and external validation, most successfully attained through attention mongering. When this is understood, it is easy to see how everything becomes decadent, degraded and ultimately pornographic.

When a fully liberated woman sees a priest, she doesn’t see him as a representative of an ancient institution embodying thousands of years of spiritual and social study going back to the philosophers of Ancient Greece, she doesn’t see endless generations of wars and toil in the service of the sacred and divine, nor is she capable of understanding or caring that others see this. She sees a man in a funny hat – it would be fun to rub her ass against his penis, and then steal his funny hat.

Anything good or righteous that a woman has ever done she has only done for fear of a negative consequence if she didn’t do that thing. What female empowerment has done is systematically remove any immediate consequences to her actions. Historically, a woman would not sexually assault a priest because she feared that God and the society would punish her for doing so. If there is no punishment, there is no reason not to sexually assault the priest. She cannot comprehend that anything that results in positive emotional stimulus could be wrong, because she judges every experience based on how it makes her feel. If you look at any single woman in your life, you will see that this is true, in every situation.

A society run by women will not ever care about the innocence of children, or protecting children. Raising healthy children requires a complex social order involving a lattice of institutions and interpersonal relationships based on underlying hierarchical dynamics. Women do not understand any of that and they do not care about preserving it. In the woman’s mind, all of it exists only to be ripped open and mined for dopamine.

This is How You Get Single Mothers

We are now in a death spiral of single motherhood, where each generation is even more damaged than the last.

The United States has the highest percentage of single mothers in the world, at 35%. Among whites, 24% of children are being raised by single mothers.

This does not take into account women who are divorced and remarried, with a man who is not the father of the children playing the role of daddy. (True story: Any man who would marry a single mother is already totally broken and psychologically dominated by women. Even a man who really, genuinely wants to be a good “step-dad” eventually gives up. Every single time. There is no such thing as a healthy “blended family.” I didn’t want to be the one to have to tell you that).

Women cannot understand the “sanctity of marriage.” They cannot grasp that marriage exists for reasons that go beyond their own immediate desire to be entertained. When a marriage does not provide the endless dopamine rush that they believe it should provide, their own family home that their husband built for them, the place where their children are kept safe, becomes another place to ransack.

A single mother is more empowered than a slutty woman who has never been married, as a single mother has taken on the primary institution that men created to restrict and to manage the behavior of women and she has “conquered” it.

Single mothers giggle when little Janey asks them what it means to do a 69. They giggle when they catch little Jimmy jerking his dick off to BDSM fetish porno created by Jews.

This isn’t sustainable. We are in a tailspin. Society has already collapsed.

Next time someone tells you, “we live in a society,” you should say, “prove it.”

They can’t prove it, because it isn’t true. This is no longer a society. Interpersonal relationships have collapsed, due to women seizing of control over the norms of social interactions.

Do you remember why paradise was lost?

Because a man took the advice of a woman, who was herself acting on the advice of a talking snake.

The snake’s advise was: if you rebel against God by violating the order of nature, you will gain power.

If you put women in control of anything, it falls apart. We put women in control of our society.

This is what you get.

You get what you deserve.