Today on “Meet the Goyim,” we take yet another group of goyim and make them very rich and famous for no reason!

Every day, millions of goyim go on the internet and post pointless, stupid pictures and videos of themselves, along with their inane thoughts, which are nothing more than regurgitations of things they saw on TV. Each week, randomly selected goyim are made into mega-blockbusters, and given millions upon millions of dollars.

This could also happen to you! As the old saying goes, “good things happen to good goyim!”

You do not have to be attractive or have good posture. You can have a weird face. You can do some weird thing where you stick your tongue out in-between words. You can be borderline retarded. This process is completely random.

So, come on, goyim – let’s…

Meet the Goyim!

This week’s goyish goyim are called the D’Amelios. The family daughters, two ugly shiksas, made tens of millions of dollars from posting stupid slut videos of themselves dancing on the communistic Chinese website TikTok. Then, they packed up and moved to California. They recently recorded the above episode of “Meet the Goyim” as part of their not-very-goyish marketing campaign to make themselves even more important!

Papa Goy

Marc D’Amelio AKA “Big Papa Giggles” is the double-wide father of the dancing shiksas.

He’s a fat piece of shit and he turned his daughters’ dancing careers into his own political career! Papa Goy is running for the Senate of some state! What an entrepreneurial goy! He likes that his daughters are stupid whores and doesn’t judge them. After all, only God’s chosen people can judge a shiksa!

He watches videos of his teenage daughter taking a bath!

What does he care what this slut does? Look at his house! It’s gigantic! And a beautiful piece of modern architecture to boot!

And so clean with all those blank white walls and easy-to-clean plastic moulding!

He’s even got some of the world’s best abstract art on the walls – it’s GORGEOUS.

It’s like living in a hospital! That’s the dream of every goyim: to live in a hospital. Having to sit and watch your daughter take a bath in a slut video that you know millions of people are going to masturbate to is such a small price to pay.

Big Papa Goy is on a rocket path to Washington, baby! As a conservative Republican who also values diversity, he’s set to be the next Ted Cruz! Watch out, Teddy boy, Papa Goy’s the new man in town!

When Papa Goyim gets to Washington, and he has a bunch of people who work for him in a big office, and everyone talks to him in a respectful way, and at meetings everyone acts like he’s very important, and he always smiles when he’s interviewed on TV, with his hair just right – then, all day long, molecules of the neurotransmitter dopamine will be released into his synaptic cleft! He’ll feel so happy!

Goyim status: Good.

Mama Shiksa

Mama Shiksa is named Heidi and she’s a real hottie! With her teenage daughters famous, she’s making herself famous, and living her teen years all over again!

She’s a little bit too old to be dancing around like a slut on the internet – but that doesn’t stop her from doing it!

She says “hey kids, after you’re done jerking it off to my sloopy teenage daughters, maybe you’d like to jack off to a real woman with some experience!”

She posts alluring and disgusting pictures of herself in the bathroom every chance she gets! Looking like something from H.R. Giger!

Those veins in her neck are pulsating with cock-sucking juice, folks! Jack off to that!

She cares even less than her husband that her two daughters are disgusting whores! She wants MONEY, BABY! More than that, she wants MILLIONS OF PEOPLE to click LIKE on pictures she took of herself in the bathroom!

That’s the meaning of life!

This woman said: “my daughters have become famous making slut videos on the internet – I can do the same! Age doesn’t matter! People will click like, and when I see the likes, my brain will release dopamine into my synaptic cleft, where it will be gobbled up by receptors in my postsynaptic membrane! I can get an older, fat woman to dance with me so I look better!”

She even does the tongue thing!

Smash that like!

Flood her synaptic cleft with dopamine!

What an amazing woman, teaching us that age doesn’t matter because people from the internet will literally masturbate to anything!

Goyim status: Good.

Shiksa #1

Dixie D’Amelio is the older of the shiksa sisters, and she’s a really annoying bitch who thinks she’s important! Her literal legal name is “Dixie”! That’s real classy, Mama and Papa Goy!

Her alluring eyes remind us of the old saying: “there is no hole in my soul so big it can’t be plugged with Xanax.”

At 19, she’s barely hanging on to that youthful look, so she’s accenting her personality with dramatic action! She vomits to make herself seem interesting!

The only thing she likes more than people paying attention to her is black men paying attention to her!

Hopefully her sister doesn’t steal that delicious black cock!

That’s a Lesbian, though.

What a SLUT!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about shiksas, it’s that they really love BLACK COCK! When a black buck rams his cock into their vaginas, their brains release the neurotransmitter dopamine into the synaptic cleft! The neurotransmitter molecules enter the postsynaptic membrane, where they bind with receptors!

Dixie can teach other shiksas the body language they need to get their own high voltage dose of black cock!

Remember, girls: you’ve gotta keep those legs spread wide so the buck knows where to ram his big black cock! If he doesn’t realize there’s a hole between your legs, he might just go shove that sweet cock of his in the muffler of your car!

What a waste!

Cars don’t even have dopamine receptors!

Dixie recently had a nose job for free from an Indian plastic surgeon who wanted the publicity on her YouTube channel!

She still looks like shit, but who cares??? She’s got millions of masturbators sending her comments telling her how beautiful she is! Every day!

It’s like a dump truck made a delivery of fresh dopamine molecules to her synaptic cleft!

Feeeeeeling happy!

Goyim status: Good.

Shiksa #2

The main star attraction of this family of completely useless goyim is Charli!

At 16, she’s still young enough to appear attractive, despite her mutant face and sloopy posture!

She’s famous for the “wandering tongue” – she sticks her tongue out all the time in photographs! She embodies the classic shiksa philosophy: “when the going gets rough, the rough get nasty.”

She wants you to know: “this hole in my face is warm and wet – you can shove your cock into it!” As every goyim knows, when you shove your cock into a warm, wet hole – truly, any such hole will do – that’s when the dopamine really starts to hit the receptors in the synaptic cleft, which makes a happy feeling for the good goyim!

Every goyim loves to have happy feelings! What a blast! It’s party time, let’s stick things in holes and feel happy feelings! It’s the meaning of goyim existence! They certainly can’t run a bank or a film studio, so why not ram your thing in holes and let others ram things in your holes??? HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Wow!

Goyim status: Good.

Flamboyant Gay Friend

What about the best friend of the family? Well, that’s a cocksucking queerboy! The queer, James Charles, is also a famous goy, who is famous for no reason! Young boys look up to him! Older men ejaculate into his feces, while he pretends they’re his dad! He’s a big time star!

Women love him, and Papa Goy is surprisingly comfortable around him! Maybe Papa goy can be his Papa tonight??? Mama Goy can’t say nothing! Because you know what they say in Miami: “it’s not cheating if it’s with a man!” So naughty! That will cause the brain to release some dopamine! Watch out, synaptic cleft – Big Papa Goy is getting naughty with the gay boy! Neurotransmitter molecules are gonna hit that postsynaptic membrane like a water cannon!

Every goyim household needs a gay man to spice things up. And as every goy female knows, they’re great with kids! Particularly, goyim like to invite their gay friends to babysit their male children! Sometimes, the gay friend will babysit the kids for free! He’ll even stay for a sleepover, so mom can go out for a night on the town to find a man who’s strong enough to raise her fatherless children!

James Charles is a great example of the kind of gay man that all goy mothers should bring into their home and invite to babysit their male children. It’s the decent thing to do, as all good goyim know! It’s so nice when goyim featured on “Meet the Goyim” can teach other goyim how they should live their lives.

Goyim status: Good.

These Wacky Goyim!

Goyim sure are amazing creatures! It is fascinating to think about an entire species that has the singular purpose of shoving things in each other’s holes!

One can only imagine what it is like to not ever have to worry about running banks, running the media, running the government, controlling every major corporation, controlling the university system, censoring the internet, producing pornography, running Hollywood, and running an international network of NGOs to control society in third world countries. Nothing but ramming things in holes, thinking about ramming things in holes, masturbating thinking about ramming things in holes – day in and day out. That must be life on easy street.

Hashem may have created goyim to serve his chosen ones as beasts of the field, but it sure is great that Jews are able to help the goyim find new ways to shove things in holes! That’s the true spirit of Tikkun Olam! It’s all about fun!

This Wonderful Thing Could Happen to Your Family Too!

You are probably saying to yourself: “I’ve got a thing I want to shove in a hole, but I can’t find a hole to shove it in!” Well, goy – that’s why you need to become randomly famous on the internet! “Meet the Goyim” features real goyim who are given real massive sums of money for literally no reason! If you’re a good goyim, then this could happen to you! You could be shoving things in holes til the cows come home!

Remember: all the good goyim have an opportunity to become randomly rich for literally no reason! The important thing is that you remain a good goy at all times!

That means following a very simple code of universal morality:

  • Gay sex
  • Bad posture
  • Being a stupid whore
  • Sticking your tongue out like some kind of freak and thinking that is sexy
  • Being a fat piece of shit
  • Having sex with black men
  • Teaching preteen girls it’s socially acceptable and fashionable to have sex with black men
  • Being stupid
  • Willingness to destroy your family for material gain
  • Willingness to whore out your stupid whore daughters
  • Giggling as your whore daughter gets railed by blacks
  • Not being a racist
  • Giggling like a bitch constantly
  • Stopping global warming
  • Invite homosexual men into your home to spend time with your children
  • Wearing a mask to help fight the deadly COVID-19 pandemic
  • Calling the cops on people who celebrate holidays
  • Being a dirty slut
  • Being a totally ridiculous gay faggot
  • Being a vegan
  • Sucking cock

Following this code will also cause dopamine release into your synaptic cleft, because for goyim, cooperating with the norms of society as determined by authorities such as the media is a leading cause of dopamine release! Everyone feels happy when they’re doing what they’re supposed to do, as determined by authorities! Every time you do something that is socially normative and others approve of that action, it’s surf’s up, and that wave of dopamine is gonna crash against that postsynaptic membrane!

The number one thing that every good goy who ever got famous knows is this: being a good goy means being a good goy even when you don’t know Jews are watching you!

Until you become randomly famous, you can masturbate to people who are already randomly famous! Your hand can be made into the shape of a hole!

When you jack your dick off, molecules of the neurotransmitter dopamine are released from vesicles into the synaptic cleft via exocytosis. The transmitters enter the postsynaptic membrane, where they bind with receptor molecules. This triggers a signal to the autonomic nervous system to create the emotional experience of happiness.

That is the meaning of life – happiness.

You can trigger this process by getting rich, getting millions of likes, living in a mansion with white walls featuring abstract art, and so on, but you can also do it through the very simple yet revolutionary act of jacking your dick off.

Any moment now, your Instagram post could go viral, and the next thing you know you’ll be living in a mini-hospital in California watching a video of your daughter taking a bath! Until then, just keep jacking that dick!

Be here next week for another exciting and inspiring episode of “Meet the Goyim”!