Doug Ford must be smoking crack like his brother.

Or, all of these politiicans are taking cues from a central, global authority that the public isn’t aware exists.

Maybe both things are happening?

Fox News:

The Ontario province will initiate partial coronavirus lockdown measures in two regions starting Monday, officials announced.

Ontario is home to Toronto, the largest city in Canada with almost 3 million residents. Ontario has seen over 1,400 cases in the past 24 hours, forcing Ontario Premier Doug Ford to initiate a “lockdown.”

The lockdown will cover Toronto and the Peel Region, Ford announced on Friday.

The measures include the full closure of gyms, recreation facilities, and personal care services while also limiting non-essential retail stores to curbside pickup, CP24 reported.

Supermarkets, hardware stores, department stores, convenience stores, pharmacies and liquor stores are exempt from the order, but they will face restrictions of 50% capacity.

Perhaps most importantly, public schools will remain open under the lockdown, but “post-secondary” institutions will be open for virtual instruction only.

Even Canadian lunatics are leaving the schools open.

But Bill de Blasio closes them.

There is not even a single study showing that schools are a problem, by their own admission.

“The situation is extremely serious and further action is required to avoid the worst-case scenario,” Ford said in making the announcement. “We cannot put in-class learning at risk, we can’t risk widespread outbreaks in our long-term care homes, we cannot risk overwhelming our hospitals.”

“To protect our most vulnerable and protect what matters most we have to get the community spread under control,” he added.

The current region designations will remain in place for a minimum of 28 days, which means that the lockdowns will last until at least Dec. 21, CTV News reported.

Yeah, they’re not saying they’re canceling Christmas yet.

But obviously, the flu season doesn’t end on December 21. Society has now decided that we can’t ever let anyone get the flu, so we’re definitely going to be in a full lockdown across virtually all of the Western world until spring. Then they’ll do another partial lift.

Then we’ll go back into lockdown next fall.

There’s never going to be any end to it. The point of the lockdowns now is to remind you how bad they are, so that when they give you just a little bit of freedom back, the goyim will feel really great.

It’s like when you’re a kid and you spray cold hose water on yourself so when you jump in the pool, it feels really warm.

This is all slavery training for the new glorious era of post-capitalist humanism, where you will live in a tiny room in a high rise building, with a computer chip in your hand that your weekly allowance of credits is transferred to.

They are now just openly telling you all of this. The main right-wing controlled opposition shills are talking about it openly now, just to familiarize you with it.