Our boy Kyle is out!

Asked what he would be doing now that he’s a free man, Kyle told the press: “I’m going to Disneyland… to shoot faggots who prey on our nation’s children!”

My man.

NBC News:

Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teenager charged with killing two men during the Jacob Blake protests in Wisconsin this summer, made bail on Friday and walked out of jail, officials said.

“Kyle Rittenhouse’s bond was posted this afternoon at about 2:00 pm which was set up through his attorney,” Kenosha County Sheriff’s Sgt. David Wright said in a statement. “He is no longer in custody at the Kenosha County Jail.”

Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old from Antioch, Illinois, has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree reckless homicide, attempted first-degree intentional homicide and other charges in connection with the deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, on Aug. 25.

His bail had been set at $2 million. The teen has claimed he was acting out of self-defense.

Kyle obviously did nothing wrong. However, it was believed that he would be destroyed by the system anyway.

However, since his arrest, things have gone in the total opposite direction. He’s got a great team of lawyers, and it’s become very difficult for these people accusing him of “murder” when the entire public has seen the video of him being chased through the streets, and a man pulling a gun on him.

The video is very straightforward.

It also turned out that one of the people he killed was a convicted homosexual child molester. So it’s hard to drum up sympathy.

Getting released on bond is a big, big deal.

In all likelihood, he will end up being convicted or pleading guilty to some charges, possibly which carry a couple of years in prison, but there is little chance he will be doing decades, as initially appeared to be the case.

However, once again: this is something that will be affected by the political climate in the country. If Joe Biden takes over, Kyle will be in a much worse position than he will be if the Real President remains in office.

Joe Biden has openly accused Rittenhouse of being a white supremacist. Clueless shit head.

He is likely to get involved in the case as president, and could in fact order his Justice Department to bring federal charges (which could easily be brought, given that Kyle crossed state lines with a gun before shooting people).

So very much is hanging on this election. All of these big things. And all of the other things.