I often speculate that all the young men who were meant to be this generation’s creative geniuses are lying on some filthy floor somewhere strung out on heroin. This system that we live in is designed to target and to crush masculine drives, and that amounts to crushing creativity, as creativity and art emerges from the male libido. The drive toward sex is sublimated into art. In fact, I would go so far as to define art as “the male sexual drive, transmuted into the manipulation of physical materials for the purpose of constructing beauty and manifesting symbolic meaning.”

Great writers, like great athletes, abstain from sex or masturbation, as the discharge of semen lowers testosterone levels. That lowered testosterone levels reduce athletic performance is self-evident, but it is also known by creatives that orgasmic expulsion of fluid reduces artistic energies. This is because testosterone is the creative force in the human body, which strengthens the movement of the spirit as well as the muscles.

You might claim that there are also female artists, but you would have a very difficult time naming any of any relevance. Those who are considered relevant are considered as such either due to industry corruption and fraud, as in the case of Georgia O’Keefe, or due to suspicious proximity to an accomplished male artist, such as in the case of Mary Shelly, who happened to be living with Percy Shelly, her husband, when she produced Frankenstein. The music and videos of Billie Eilish were among the most creative things to come out of the cesspit of the 2010s, but we of course know that all of her work is written and directed by her older brother. Any other known female artist has simply imitated or outright copied the work of men, often through abject plagiarism.

Given all of this, we should be unsurprised that a society that hates men also hates art and creativity, and celebrates the hollow, the superficial, the mundane and the tedious. Most of what passes as art is actually little more than political and pseduo-religious indoctrination, preaching the dogma of the soulless, female-dominated Marxist system in which we exist. Audio-visual entertainment is not focused on evoking thought or emotion, but amounts to instructional material, telling the viewer what he is supposed to think and how he is supposed to behave in order to remain in line with the norms of the matriarchal establishment. Characters in comedy and drama are clearly delineated as models of good or bad behavior and the characters are their behavior, thus purely good or bad. All of it ultimately becomes a sordid, ham-fisted melodrama. There is not even room for a meaningful morality play, as the morality itself, while brutal and ubiquitous, has become utterly juvenile and facile.

This was the case for me when I watched the first episode of Ridley Scott’s Raised by Wolves.

There are hints within the film that it contains some forbidden meaning, symbolism, depth. As far as I am able to tell, this is an absolute bluff. A pretentious attempt to turn the viewer into Stanley Fish, projecting his own meaning onto the material, which is left purposefully vague and opaque, but I know better than to expect anything more than a hint at depth. I am content with simple beauty, and a curt nod to the idea that something could conceivably exist beyond the bounds of the utopian Marxist hell in which we currently reside.

Aside from the first episode which is sheer beauty, creativity and splendor, the rest of the series devolves into feminist, gynotopia propaganda. Men are useless, power hungry rapists with no real purposes other than to serve “mother”. The show accentuates the female’s only biological function of incubation and makes it out to be the only thing that matters and that without it, life will cease to exist. Guess what folks! The artificial womb is still a woman or rather, an android designed and programmed with all female human attributes x1,000,000 and with the ability to protect her young. Hence, there is no need for men, despite the fact that there are absolutely no real threats on Kepler 22B.

Which brings me to a more philosophical notion — an existential one — what functions do men serve if there are no dangers and threats within a society? We men all know the answer to this question and can give quite extensive and elaborate examples, but somehow the Jew writer of this show, Aaron Guzikowski, is totally unaware of this. I don’t honestly believe he is unaware, mind you, but the Jew propaganda to destroy the family unit and promote gay, lesbian and misandric values are all ever present in this series.

There are tons more parallels and subliminals scattered in this show one after the next, such as, two androids, one African male, the other European woman, are purposed with populating a new planet and preserving the human race. All of which amount to creating the UN — white, black, yellow and brown.

Still, watch it.