The slow creeping march toward the technological divorce between human reproduction and sex continues toward it’s own inevitability. An article titled Artificial Placenta Replicates Womb for Extremely Premature Infants states the following:

Keeping extremely premature babies alive is understandably difficult. Modern neonatal intensive care technology simply doesn’t replicate the womb, essentially working to help the child survive on its own. Researchers at University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and Extracorporeal Circulation Research Laboratory have developed an “artificial placenta” that performs extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), avoiding the necessity of the child having to breathe through its poorly developed lungs that often can’t handle mechanical ventilation. ECMO is already used for post-op children and adults with cardiac and respiratory failure, but its successful application for extreme prematurity would be a new development.

The technology was recently tried on five very premature lambs, which were successfully kept alive for a week using the new artificial placenta. The next steps will involve getting lambs from birth to a more developed stage to see how well they fare in the long run. Following that we may see clinical trials begin with human babies.

Here’s a University of Michigan video report about the artificial placenta:

The fact is, we will get better and better at incubating human beings outside of a woman’s womb. We will work out the amniotic soup that makes the ideal environment for gestating humans and we will even improve on it, because that is just what men do. That is just where male vitality is best expended. In the meantime, Luddites and gynocentrists will fight this every step of the way.  A female purple-pilled anti feminist posted a sly little bait and switch on girlsaskguys in a post titled:

I have recently heard that MGTOW has suggested making robotic women with synthetic wombs. Do you think this is fair to future children?

It states the following;

What I mean is, there are children who are born into this world, and children that exist now, that do not know or understand the problems brought about by feminism and social justice warriors. Wouldn’t it be better to solve these problems, and teach the children to not cause harm like this? Wouldn’t it be better to teach them to work out their issues instead of copping out? I understand why some men feel the need to be this way, but I also feel like both sides are wrong. I also believe that people who love each other should probably not get married because it does the most harm to men. Can people even repair this anymore? It just seems like a waste.

That’s right, folks! Let’s all just band together to fight “femdidsms!” If we fight the “femdidsms like forevaz everything will be ok guyz!”

My sarcasm aside, it should be made clear that the only way we are ever going to combat feminism, or gynocentrism, is by taking steps to decouple women from their inherent worth. To be clear, the female inherent worth that we do not extend to men. Make no mistake, women will still be considered inherently valuable by our Gynocentric society after an artificial womb becomes viable, but they will be less so than before it. Women are still valuable now that porn has become cheap and ubiquitous, but they are just a little less so. I have seen significantly more naked young women taking part in depraved sexual acts than even my grandfather before me could ever imagine due to porn, and in turn, women that I’ve been involved with since the proliferation of online porn have been told directly to their faces, “I’d rather go watch porn if you’re going to be acting like a bitch”.  

Moreover, the men existing generations after my death will have an array of sexual options: VR, Sexbots, etc. They will dwarf even my options for artificial sexual stimulation. Women will have to offer more and more to keep up with the coming deluge of artificial sexual stimulation.

Women aren’t used to being challenged in this way; not from a man she is attracted to and you’d be surprised how many instances an appeal to a sexual alternative (porn) over the one she offers are made and considered. Even a cyber one does not produce the shaming and ridicule you would expect, but behind closed doors, where facades evaporate, there is a flurry of texts and voicemails after it becomes clear that you’re not kidding, they are apologetic in nature and followed by the behavior which I prefer and demand. Men are slowly realizing the golden uterus is made of pyrite, fools gold and zinc.