The videos above depict the growing trend of western men losing their homes after divorces to Thai women. I know, western women have been corrupted by feminism and cultural Marxism, right? All you need to do is find a traditional woman who respects your authority and doesn’t mind being a good little housewife and mother, right? A girl from a traditional country like the Philippines, India or Thailand, right?

Unfortunately, reality indicates that the traditionalist dream of finding a “good woman” overseas — who hasn’t been poisoned by Western culture and feminism — is a ruinous myth. Enough men have been exploited by mail-order-brides to demonstrate this, but how far does it go? Take the case of homeless Westerners in Thailand who fell in love, got married, spent their money on their wives and were kicked out the door, penniless and emotionally destroyed.

It would seem, at least to me and those red-pilled and objective, that female behavior is the same all over the world: charm a man into believing that you love him, bare him children, take control of his money and throw him away when he is no longer useful. Briffault’s Law is timeless and can withstand most, if not all of the scrutiny thrown at it. Men are relegated to financial destitution and all of the danger and deprivation of homelessness no matter where they are from and no
matter where they go, because Gynocentrism does not discriminate. Women from a different ethnic groups and varying races will treat you just as a badly as women from your own.

“Most of the homeless are Western men who arrived as tourist or retirees and fell into poverty or neglect after settling in Thailand”. “Some of them”, he added, “have been duped or robbed by Thai former wives or partners.” As Tony, who has since died, said “I have been homeless for three years. In Holland I used to be an engineer. I put all my money here in Thailand. My first time in Thailand was 20 years ago. I just came for holidays, but then I got stuck into it.  Alcohol, sex; but I met my wife here. So it wasn’t all bad. I used to be quite wealthy.”

Another poor sap says, “I have two factories and lands. I have my own property that still exists. I was very high, and I hit the bottom. My wife kicked me out after 13 years. I have two children, 10 and 8 years old. I always have their photographs with me. I had the wrong friends, I guess.”

This guy, like most men, is delusional and at oft attributes his plight to his behavior. These men are unwilling, or perhaps, cannot see or even perceive that something is fundamentally wrong with women.

He continues, “and the wrong life, too; much bars and ladies. She got fed up.”

A humanitarian foundation says that they are “seeing more and more homeless Westerners who have separated from their Thai partners who gain possession of property bought in their names.” Like Sylvester from North Carolina, who used to work with a private company supporting US military
operations in Iraq. While he worked there, he visited Thailand, mainly Pattaya, many times on holiday.
In 2009, when his work in Iraq ended, he came back to Pattaya and fell for a bargirl. Sylvester said he spent most of his savings buying a car and a truck in her name, but he lost them after the couple separated in 2011 when his wife kicked him out of the home he bought her. His friend Alex from Denmark, worked in Bangkok at a language institution and a software company. He said he lost his job after his Thai girlfriend stole his personal possessions as well as company property.

Most men who are completely new to the male/female dynamic are oblivious to female nature (Femina Natura). They, like most people in society, possess an unfounded affinity towards women. It is one of the biggest pieces of narcissism that plague our corner of the web, and that is, we think we are among the first to unravel the true nature of women. What’s worse, the current generation of men have been brainwashed into thinking that women are by default some sort of angelic being, which can do no wrong, which is perfectly chaste and loving and monogamous; so it’s not surprising that many of us hold a certain pretentious pride in our belief that we have unravelled the mystery all by ourselves.

Not only is this far from the truth and not within the same zip code as reality, it is a fundamental cultural myth which is essential for the ongoing exploitation of men and male vitality — men maintain and uphold civilization. For without this myth, many men will cease to have purpose; not that this is actually the case, but the Gynotopia has brainwashed them into believing women to be the source of their purpose — that men are of no substance or value outside of being obeisant and in servitude to women — tall buildings, bridges and the furtherance of scientific discovery is begotten by the pursuit of vagina. If women can no longer keep up the farcical indoctrination their fragile egos will be shattered and the current male/female dynamic will experience a planetary watershed moment.

This, in no doubt, leads to the NAWALT argument (Not All Women Are Like That), and NAWALTers as seen in the above videos. Indeed, the NAWALT argument has merit to it, but is a waste of male vitality and life. For example, let’s say you are interested and in search of extending your life another hundred years, and I told you there is a very rare berry, that when eaten will allow you to live one hundred more years as you were at the prime of your life. In addition, I also inform you that there is another berry that looks exactly like it, that when consumed, will kill you and all your loved ones (assuming this is an undesired outcome). Will you go in search of it? Or, if you had a 95% chance of dying in a plane crash on a red eye flight from LAX to JFK, would you take that flight?

That is what pursuing the NAWALT woman is tantamount to. Most are unable to see that the description and concept of the NAWALT to be flawed and totally incorrect, not just because most, if not all women they meet, are trying to be and will claim to be that woman, but it is simply far from reality. As a man, as we get older we start realizing that our interactions with women in our lives are summed up to what we are willing to, and not willing to put up with. Check list and all, with many concessions.

In conclusion, my advice to men is to not be a NAWALT chaser. You will without a doubt be wasting your life, efforts and energy on years of not fulfilling you. You will also get screwed — over and over and over again, in perpetual search of “the one”. Besides, the concept of “the one” and “finding the one” is extremely feminine. Women who are in pursuit of “the one”, ride the cock carousel in hopes of finding “the one”, all the while depleting their mileage and sexual value. The vagometer breaks and they end up with that “thousand cock stare”. You know the look; desexed and jaded. Nothing excites them about sex with the poor sap they’re currently latched on to. All because they couldn’t snag that unicorn.