Trump gave his first speech in 7 days, appearing in the Rose Garden of the White House to talk about the coronavirus vaccine.

Frankly, I’m feeling a bit dejected that this is what he thinks is important to talk about, given that he knows that more than half of his supporters have no interest in being injected with this mysterious gene-altering substance.

However, I do have a theory on Operation Warp Speed. It’s really quick and simple: be the first out with a “vaccine” that really isn’t a vaccine (it may be an antiviral cocktail granting immunity to foreign viral entities) to give the perfect reason to resist what nut jobs like Biden, Fauci and Steve Jobs truly have in store for us with their “vaccines”. My theory is Trump is truly up to something novel.

Trump brought out a creepy tiny man who wore a mask while giving a speech like Joe Biden does.

However, Trump was confident and obviously believes that he will remain president indefinitely.

Clearly, he is planning something. I think that is very clear.

Right now, we just have to rally, and wait to see what his move is.