The only thing better than this would be if Scott Atlas actually livestreamed himself telling-off Gretchen Whitmer.

(That joke isn’t going to be legal for long, is it? “Mansplaining” soon to be illegal).


Trump administration Covid-19 adviser Scott Atlas has unleashed a tsunami of criticism upon himself after tweeting that “the only way this stops is if people rise up” in response to new anti-coronavirus measures in Michigan.

“You get what you accept,” the Stanford University doctor, who has emerged as President Donald Trump’s top adviser on responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, said in a Sunday night tweet that also featured the #FreedomMatters and #StepUp hashtags.

Such an ambiguous appeal triggered a wave of angry replies accusing him of seeking to kill people, incite violence, or even attack Governor Whitmer, as well as calls for Twitter to ban Atlas immediately.

In a follow-up tweet, Atlas attempted to clarify that he was “NEVER talking at all about violence,” but rather about resisting through peaceful means of “voting” and “protest.”

Atlas tried to explain that the US pandemic policy is federally supported, but state-managed and locally implemented, insisting that is how federalism works – but the damage was already beyond repair and the torrent of criticism only intensified.

“Want more mandates & lockdown? Contact your governor. That’s state controlled. Not federal. Period.”

“Rising up” obviously doesn’t necessarily imply violence, and it’s again just dumb and silly that the media would imply such a thing.

If Trump is able to remain President, there is a 100% chance he will put Scott Atlas in charge of the coronavirus madness and end this stupid hoax. That’s the primary reason why the Jews took the “by any means necessary” approach to getting him out of office, and were willing to make the fraud so monumentally obvious.