Jewish feminist Abigail Shrier appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on Monday to discuss Target pulling her book about female-to-male transexuals, which has been labeled “transphobic” by people on Twitter.

Why it matters: Shrier is a Jewish feminist activist, and the daughter of a Democrat judge who was formerly the head of the Democrat Party in Maryland. She joined conservatism to poison the well, and even she cannot get her materials through, or so it seems.

  • Shrier’s book is entitled “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” and argues that children should sometimes not be allowed to become trannies.
  • The book was pulled from Target’s online store after a tranny on Twitter complained.
  • “I think the trans community deserves a response from @AskTarget @Target as to why they are selling this book about the ‘transgender epidemic sweeping the country’ Trigger Warning: Transphobia,” the Twitter user wrote.

Target did not ask any questions before bowing to this random Twitter account.

Target eventually reversed the decision, but the message regarding how these things will be dealt with in the future is very clear.

Go deeper: Shrier told Carlson that the “woke activists have taken the position that we’re never allowed to question anyone’s transition, no matter their age, circumstance, or the incredible lack of adequate medical oversight,” adding that she “fully supports” adults going through medical “gender reassignment.”

  • Jews regularly take a “conservative” position that is much further left than the normal conservative.
  • They make a big deal out of how reasonable they are, and because they are apparently siding with conservatives, conservatives will side with them.
  • Most conservatives do not believe that anyone should be injecting themselves with the hormones of the opposite sex or mutilating their genitals in order to “change their gender.”

The big picture: we are now at the point where even Jewish shills who are attempting to confuse conservatives are not allowed to question the narrative for the explicit purpose of changing the minds of conservatives.

  • I wrote many months ago about how we were headed to a future where there would no longer be a need for controlled opposition (will repost).
  • “No opposition” is better than “controlled opposition.”
  • The left now believes that there is no need to try to convince anyone of anything anymore, and they are now proceeding to attempt to simply crush any and all opposition.
  • The left is deeply emboldened by Joe Biden’s alleged victory in the presidential election, and in direct opposition to the Biden claim that “we are coming together,” is now moving to destroy anyone who stands against them.

Shrier’s book deals with “individuals who claim to be gender dysphoric,” and claims that teenage girls are now self-diagnosing themselves as actually being boys somehow. “And doctors are just told to rubber-stamp this,” Shrier told Carlson.

Shrier noted that though the age of consent varies by state, in Oregon as an example, a 15-year-old girl “without so much as a therapist’s note can walk into a gender clinic and walk out that day with a course of testosterone.”

  • Interestingly, testosterone is very hard for men to acquire, and is often sold for very high prices on the black market.

Of note: This tranny agenda is just going to keep getting kookier.

  • Children can be convinced of anything if they believe that it is fashionable.
  • In the near future, the government will be kidnapping children from conservative families and brainwashing them into becoming trannies.
  • This will serve as part of the agenda to demoralize and ultimately destroy the remnants of white Christian civilization.

It’s very important that Donald Trump remains in office, so that we can attempt to change this social course. It is going to end up affecting all of our lives in a very direct and serious way.

Shrier appeared in July on the Joe Rogan show.

As a reminder of how Jewish mind-control and controlled opposition works: they take a position on issues and manage to push certain agendas and sway public opinion and sentiments in just about anything perverse which they are trying to normalize into becoming mainstream and widely accepted. Yet, the way they accomplish this is by manufacturing consent by creating an opponent — assuming the opposing narrative, and using it to garner shame and vitriol – to stir dissent and opposing feelings towards it.

In other words, they will come out as anti-gay in order to get the pro-gay supporters to label anti-gay proponents as intolerant and homophobic, all the while they [anti-gay proponents] are actually pro-gay. It is sinister.