Yes, we’ve completely collapsed the economy, and even as we are printing trillions of dollars to keep it afloat, masses of people are already on the verge of starvation.

But think about the alternative: coronavirus could have ravaged us.

This deadly virus only has a 99.97% survival rate.

No matter how many people have their lives destroyed, no matter how many die, we had to stop people from getting infected with this mild flu virus.

We simply had no other choice.


Thousands of people lined up for groceries at a food bank distribution event in Dallas, Texas, this weekend, with organizers saying the Covid-19 pandemic has increased need in the city.

North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) distributed more than 600,000 pounds of food for about 25,000 people on Saturday, according to spokeswoman Anna Kurian. There were 7,280 turkeys distributed to families, Kurian told CNN.

Photos provided by NTFB show thousands of cars lined up for NTFB’s Drive-Thru Mobile Pantry at Fair Park. Kurian said the need for food “has certainly increased” with the pandemic, with Texas last week becoming the first US state to report 1 million cases of coronavirus.

“Forty percent of the folks coming through our partners doors are doing so for the first time,” she said.

“I see blessings coming to us cause we all struggling. And I appreciate North Texas helping us out,” Dallas resident Samantha Woods told CNN affiliate KTVT as she waited in her vehicle.

“It really is amazing and I thank God that I was able to get in the line this morning.”

The way they attempt to tie this economic collapse to the virus itself is truly incredible – “the economy of Texas is collapsing especially bad because of these 1,000,000 alleged cases. The virus infected the dollar bills.”

The economy collapsed because of a lockdown, not because of a virus.

Understand me: the economic collapse has not even begun to begin. Wait come this time next year.

They are printing trillions of dollars to keep this system afloat, and it is impossible for that to go on indefinitely.

It’s possible that they’ll be able to stretch the collapse out over a couple of years, it’s possible that the bottom will just fall out all of a sudden at any point. I’m not an economist, I don’t have an expert opinion, and I’ve read many expert opinions, and talked personally to a lot of experts, and there is no clear consensus on how the collapse will happen, but it will happen.

What there is a consensus on is that we are far past the point of no return. We are entering now into an entirely new economic system, where there will not be small businesses, there will not be a middle class. There will only be massive corporations, controlled by a tiny ruling class, and a massive, virtually starving underclass. Think FF7 and the Shinra Corp. or any dystopian futuristic mega corporation.

That is the future that the response to this virus has created, and there is no possible way to avoid that now.

What they are doing is tying the coronavirus lockdown measures to the economic collapse, so that basically, your quality of living is falling in two separate ways at the same time that are experienced as the same tragedy. Your social life is being destroyed, your psychological health is being wrecked, at the same time, you are losing your economic status.

If you are reading this, you are very lucky, because you have the opportunity to prepare for this. Most people are completely uninformed, because the media is telling them that this is all going to bounce back next year. I don’t know why they believe that, because they see all of these small businesses going under, and I don’t know how anyone could believe that this network could be recreated when all of that wealth is being transferred to billionaires. I guess they will believe anything.

What I advise you to do is move out of the cities. You can still commute to work if you live an hour or less outside of the city, and you will still save a lot of money, even if you include the time you spend driving as being worth whatever your hourly wage is.

In all likelihood, by this time next year, you will not have a job anyway, and you will be a lot better off in a rural area. As I’ve said over and over, you’re going to be better off in a rural area anyway.

I know many readers are teenagers that still live with their parents, and I know you can’t do that. I don’t want you to badger your parents about this, as that will not help anything. I’ve thought about what I think teenagers should do, and I haven’t really figured it out. Right now, you’re doing something heroic if you just stay off drugs and stay fit.

We’re going to make it through this, but it’s not going to be easy.

If we can push for secession, that is going to change things, as a real American nation, run by actual Americans, wouldn’t allow this domination by corporate billionaires and a socialist/communist state. So, that’s something we all need to keep in the forefront of our minds if this Trump election doesn’t work out for us. It’s not a panacea, but it is the solution to everything.