After the Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C. was ending on Saturday night, Antifa came out of the shadows and began attacking people who had gotten separated from their groups.

This is what they always do: they are like hyenas, picking off stragglers.

At one point, they attacked and threw urine on a couple of helpless women.

A woman was punched in the back of the head.

They attacked a based black woman with her kids.

In all fairness, what was she doing out there with her kids; at a protest. Now that’s some r selected nonsense.

They knocked a guy out after chasing him down the street (he fought them off well, but was eventually sucker-punched in the back of the head by a rigger).

They threw bottles and firecrackers at people eating dinner.

They also stabbed someone.

Proud Boys knocked out some predator-looking bitch with a knife.

Our Real President Donald Trump spoke out against this scum on Twitter, referring to them as “human garbage.” He said they ran for the HILLS!

Trump also retweeted Laura Ingraham, showing the massive crowd that we brought to Washington.

The march was amazing, and it brings me great joy that the President showed such emphatic support for our movement against the fraud, and condemned our enemies as human garbage.

These people literally are human garbage. It is so disgusting that we are having our country stolen from us by the worst people in the entire universe.

What even are these people? What is Antifa? Do they just really, really believe everything the media says, to the point that they are driven to throw urine on anyone who questions the media? Or are they being paid to riot by George Soros? Even if they’re being paid, how do they have such energy to violently attack anyone who dares question elitist globalism?

Are they all literally Jewish? 

And why do they claim to be communists while supporting the richest and most powerful people on earth against disenfranchised working class people? It’s all just kooky, bizarre and confusing.

I do want to say this: I’ve told you people: don’t fight these Antifa.

Nothing good can happen. They are infinite respawn, no-value targets. Nothing happens if you win a fight with one of them. More just come out. The media is extremely efficient in targeting a certain soft-minded portion of the population, and they can always get more of these people on the street.

You should dodge them like running through a hallway of no-value undead in Demon’s Souls. Just make sure to always stay with your group, and if you see some stupid women wandering off, get them in your group. Just grab them and put them in your group. We don’t need these viral videos of women getting urine thrown on them.

The next step in this movement is for Trump to get out here with us!