You can hug your grandkids through a plastic sheet.

This is the future that the goyim chose when they were given a “democracy.”


A Nebraska family came up with an ingenious solution to hugless visits with grandma and grandpa by building a “hugging station” using plastic sheets and long gloves.

“So Matt’s dad has cancer and ever since Covid hit there has been very limited family contact,” wrote Jen Janovec Myers on Facebook. “After a visit about a week ago and a very sad moment when they couldn’t hug the boys when they left, we decided to build a hugging station so they could hug Granny and Popo again!”

You understand: we need to really, really rethink this whole “democracy” thing.

The masses of peasants simply are not capable of determining the course of their own lives, and they will always be influenced by the most negative forces, attacking their most primitive impulses, if they are given this decision.

I do not blame the peasants – in fact, the opposite is true. This is like if parents were to allow toddlers to make all of their own decisions, and the toddlers ended up getting eaten by alligators or something. You would obviously blame the parents and not the toddlers. Just so, I blame the natural aristocracy for abdicating their role in directing society, and allowing the masses of people to rule themselves and make these horrible decisions while under the direct influence of the Jewish power centers in media and academia.

We are in desperate need of a revolution that will reestablish legitimate power dynamics in society.