Here at Specular Effect, we have pledged to support any play that Real President Donald Trump makes. However, we strongly hope that he will use the military and his tens of millions of fanatical supporters to establish a military dictatorship in America.

The fact is, our nation was never designed as a universal suffrage democracy. The Founding Fathers believed that only people with a stake in society, i.e., landowners, should be allowed to vote. This idiotic “experiment in democracy” – that is their phrase, by the way – has failed. Democracy has destroyed our freedom and it has led to the most corrupt system that has ever existed, as the masses of people are exploited and driven into poverty.

Our agenda should be to go back to the traditional American system, but we are now in the long-predicted crisis of democracy, and looking at an extreme tyranny. It thus falls on Donald Trump to establish a military dictatorship to protect the people from this looming threat.

Thankfully, there is evidence that the Real President is planning to make a move and establish himself as dictator. After Trump moved around a bunch of people at the Pentagon, replacing the leadership with so-called “loyalists,”, the Jews are screeching.

Top neoconservative Jew, Iraq War architect and Joe Biden supporter, William Kristol recently tweeted out his fears.

Kristol said that former Pentagon chief Mark Esper, is worried that Trump is planning something diabolical domestically. It should be noted that there was a big disagreement between Esper and Trump when Trump wanted to send the military in to stop Black Lives Matter rioters.

On the leftist and Jewish website, “The Nation,” journalist Michael Klare noted that Christopher Miller, one of the Pentagon officials that Trump has promoted, was involved with US Special Forces in covert operations in urban settings during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Those are the exact kinds of skills that a person establishing a military dictatorship in America would need.

Klare noted that concerned democracy-believers should watch and see if Trump’s decision to shift around people at the Pentagon “signals a covert White House plan to use the US military in support of an illegal drive to subvert democracy and install Trump as dictator.”

They can watch, of course, but it doesn’t matter if they’re watching.

The only thing that matters is if Trump has the nerve to do this thing. If he does it, there is likely nothing that the Democrats can do to stop him. He will have the support of the overwhelming majority of law enforcement, and the support of the majority of the country’s population.

On Wednesday, the Washington Post also published an op-ed, with Jewish journalist Josh Rogin stating their fears that Trump is moving towards establishing a dictatorship, citing the movement at the Pentagon. The post also claimed that Trump was preparing to get rid of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley.

Rogin claimed: “The moment of truth will come if and when the General Services Administration certifies that Joe Biden won the election, making it the law of the land. Trump may order his officials not to comply.” He said that this would be the point at which every American would have to decide whose side they are on.

After WaPo published their piece, The Guardian did as it always does and published a copycat piece, putting forward the same arguments as Rogin.

It’s a big decision for Trump to make, and I’m sure he’s agonizing over it. But he needs to know that we are counting on him. He needs to know that they are planning on putting him in prison and that they are planning on putting a large portion of his supporters in concentration camps. Trump needs to understand that he is the last backstop on the establishment of complete tyranny in this country.

If he does make the move, along with arresting the top Democrats who attempted to stage this coup, he needs to arrest their co-conspirators in the media and in Silicon Valley. He then needs to give men and their troll armies free reign on Twitter, and they will proceed to destroy the souls of any liberals who were not high enough value to be arrested.

We can then start the long process of rebuilding our nation by focusing on the first principles that any nation should have: this country is our home. It needs to be safe. It needs to be a place for families. Children need to be safe here. It needs to be a series of interlinking communities that are based on trust that stems from shared values and a shared national identity. America needs to remain predominantly white, with white values and ethics — exactly what made Western Civilization the superlative standard of living in all of human history.

That means we have to remove the scum that has flooded this country under the wrathful watch of the Jews. We need to remove the violent alien immigrants who refuse to assimilate to American values and standards and instead recreate the shit life from the shit holes they come from; we need to remove the Christ-hating Jews. The blacks can stay if they want to behave, the rest of them need to go back to Africa if they hate this great nation so much.


No one will miss you! Violent crime will drop by 58%.

Beyond that, we need to encourage leftist states to secede. That will be a consolation prize for them – they will be able to establish their own nation or nations on the coasts. We will give these lands to them out of good will, and we will pay them a fair price for the land that they will be leaving in the Real United States. We will also need to do a welcoming home for our brothers and sisters who are caught on the liberal side of these lines.

It is a massive project that will take a generation to fully realize, but when it is finished, we will have a great, beautiful country that will be a safe homeland for our law-abiding people. It will be a country for family and for religion.

Trump needs to make the move either later this month or in early December (the electoral college meets to cast votes on December 14, something that should not be allowed to happen if they are planning to give their votes to the usurper Joe Biden). That will give him the longest number of months where it will be too cold to riot for extended periods. However, we should also note that if Trump supporters are allowed to fight back against these rioters without fearing prosecution, leftist rioters are not a real threat. Our hands being tied by the Jew-controlled Justice Department was the only thing that allowed these riots to continue unabated over the last several years.

Before he makes any move at all, however, he needs to rally the masses of people.

If there are millions of people already on the streets, this will create a sense of inevitability, and propel the agenda when it is finally enacted.

I am not going to promise you, dear reader, that this is going to happen. All I am saying is this: we need to be ready to support the President if he decides to make this happen.