A dangerous plague has come from Asia to the United States. It is spreading like wildfire and it presents a clear and present threat to our entire way of life.

I am speaking of course of the murder hornet infestation.

This is an existential threat and we must mobilize like World War Two to fight it.

Murder hornets are literally the new Hitler Nazis.


When scientists in Washington state destroyed the first nest of so-called murder hornets found in the U.S., close to the border with British Columbia, they discovered about 500 live specimens in various stages of development.

Among them were nearly 200 queens that had the potential to start their own nests, said Sven-Erik Spichiger, an entomologist leading the fight to kill the hornets.

“We got there just in the nick of time,” he said.

Still, that didn’t end the threat from the giant insects that can deliver painful though rarely deadly stings to people and wipe out entire hives of honey bees.

It doesn’t matter if the stings are rarely deadly.

We must consider the total amount of stings, not the mortality rate of the stings.

We also have to consider “long stings” and the possibility that people who get stung will have lifelong effects, even if there is no evidence or reason to believe that.

Scientists think other nests already exist and say it’s impossible to know if any queens escaped before the first nest, located near Blaine, Wash., was destroyed.

Asian giant hornets are an invasive pest in the U.S. and Canada. At five centimetres in length, they are the world’s largest hornet and a predator of other insects, including the honey bees that pollinate many of the crops in Washington’s multi-billion-dollar agriculture industry.

Despite their nickname and the hype that has stirred fears in an already bleak year, the hornets kill at most a few dozen people a year in Asian countries, and experts say it’s probably far fewer.

By comparison, hornets, wasps and bees typically found in the United States kill an average of 62 people a year, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said.

Well, that’s more than the coronavirus.

You know what that means? We have to lock everyone in their houses until we find a permanent solution to the murder hornet crisis, and ensure that no one will ever be stung again.

It’s the only conceivable solution.

We can’t put the economy before the risk of getting stung.

This is a humanitarian stinging crisis.

We have to act.

People cannot have any of their rights or freedoms when we have hornets on the loose.