In case you were wondering about what is going on with the American presidential election, or you have been confused by the lamestream media’s FAKE NEWS! lies and talks about voter fraud (it is actually Election Fraud); Martial law, civil war and escalation of violence in America has been on your mind; well, brace yourself. America is under attack!

You judge for yourself.


I’ll try to give a quick summary of the ‘how’ the Democrats vote steal, and leave the video to go over the ‘how we figured it out’.

The voting tabulator software has a feature for “weighted counting”.
The tabulators do not count or store votes as whole numbers. The tabulators count and store votes as fractions.

In other words 1 vote for candidate A would be worth 1.4 for candidate A, conversely, 1 vote for candidate B would be worth 0.6 for candidate B, depending on who you want to win or lose in that respective state and precinct.

I’ll repeat: there are 10 voters, Candidate A gets 5 votes, candidate B gets 5 votes, but the tabulator stores it as Candidate A got 7 votes, Candidate b got 3 votes. Thus the number of ballots are correct, but the vote count is wrong. Get it?

Re-scanning the ballots won’t work for recounts if there are to be recounts, since the tabulator is just going to give the same wrong/weighted output. The vote swap can only be found and corrected by manually hand counting all of the ballots. The discrepancy between Trump votes and Republican senate/house votes is because the weighted feature is only being applied to the presidential race. Hence Republicans are holding and winning seats, while Trump loses.

So how do they hide it? They turn the weighted counting feature on in republican districts and turn it off in Democrat districts. Democrat districts are going to be under heavy scrutiny for the usual foul play, while the Republican districts will be under no scrutiny at all. Recounting ballots in Democrat districts will only turn up the old school manual fraud, while the computer fraud goes by under the radar in Republican districts.

This is not a perfect summary by any means, but it should be enough to give you an idea with just a minute or two of reading. You have to watch the video for the full explanation.

To reiterate, for those who may be curious about what is to unfold in the coming days — coming WEEKS — many states and precincts are going to have to manually recount all ballots in all states and in all precincts to get the actual numbers. This is NOT specific to Dominion, they ALL have this feature. The entire election nationwide is a complete and utter third world shit show.

The Republican parties upper brass has to be in on this. Without a doubt. After all, these “Never Trumpers” have been collaborating with the Democrats from day one. One shitbag comes to mind — Mittens Romney — even though there are many many more. Yes folks, Trump is literally swimming alone with the sharks. If “Never Trumpers” weren’t in on it, this wouldn’t even be able to occur. The fact that they’re either mum as a mice, or telling Trump to concede tells us everything.

This video has 100% convinced me that a coup is underway. This has profoundly affected me, which ever way this winds up going. The Jewish coup (Jew d’etat) is real, guys.

It is undeniable, the data doesn’t lie. It can’t lie. Maybe Trump saw this before Dr. Shiva livestreamed this presentation yesterday, and cleaned up the DoD for the Insurrection Act, Martial law. I wrote a brief article about Trump firing Esper and replacing him.

This is the most damning thing I’ve seen. I’ve been up all kinds of crazy hours, religiously waiting for the most damning evidence; this is it. I’d love to hear a left wing asshole try to refute an MIT PHD on this.

As I have mentioned before, folks, all this was done spitefully to require a recount that will take weeks into months to conclude. Saying it wasn’t intended for Biden to win would be misguided and just dumb, but having to carry out a lengthy recount certainly seems like plan B. It is designed to exhaust the American populace to prevent violent retaliation upon being caught and found out. This lethargy will set in over the next few weeks, because it will take a very long time for all these votes to be recounted. Remember Gore v. Bush 2000 election; this is worse! On the good side, I believe Trump is about to declare Martial Law and hope the American people not slumber.

America is literally and seriously under attack. A coup is underway and there are real, live, breathing communists among us; our entire government has been hijacked by Jewish communists/Bolsheviks who are about to issue a global communist New World Order. In America, they wish to unfurl a communist one-party system. Tyranny reveals itself alas!

Sounds crazy? Well, it’s supposed to. Nothing has to make sense. Remember that.