I write this in the vein of the religious perspective — the ongoing war between Christians and Jews for over 2000 years — in order to appeal to the aesthesia of Christian Americans. Those folks who blindly support Israel and the Jews all in the name of “prophecy”.

I never liked it when Donald Trump did stuff for Israel. For one thing, I am totally against the Jews, who are an evil people (exceptions aside) who murdered our lord and savior and have been trying to exterminate His followers ever since. Fomenting wars upon wars and endless divisions. I don’t think that we should deal with satanic people.

However, I also understood that Trump had a need to be friends with Israel because deranged boomer “evangelical” heretics who worship the killers of our God support Israel, and Trump needs their votes.

What I also understood was this: as much as Trump talked about supporting the Jews, most of what he did was symbolic. Moving the embassy, saying that they could have the Golan Heights (which they have had physical control of since 1967) – these are not the things Israel wants. The only substantial thing he did for them was end the Iran deal.

It was all just a big show, Trump was putting on for the boomers, and Bibi was putting on for the Israelis, pretending to have influence over Trump. It was convenient for both of them.

Remember “Trump Heights” in the Golan Heights?

Yeah, that was just a $200 plastic sign in a field.

It’s rotting now.

What the Jews want is war. Obama gave them much, much more than Trump, because he ran that CIA terrorist war in Syria – which Trump ended. Obama also totally destabilized most of the Middle East with the “Arab Spring” and the bombing of Libya. Obama was 1,000 times the pro-Israel president that Trump is.

So it’s no wonder the Israeli Jews are as giddy as the communist Jews. Biden is going to be a lot better for them, like Obama. Biden is extremely pro-war.

Bibi Netanyahu was one of the first world leaders to congratulate Biden.

The American-Israeli Public Action Committee was going nuts on Twitter, celebrating the coming new dawn of Judaism in America.

Thankfully, Trump has woken up to the treachery of these Jews, and unfollowed both Netanyahu and AIPAC on Twitter.

If Trump manages to stay in office, these Jews are going to have a problem.

All Trump people saw these Jews abandon Trump at the first chance they got, and though boomer morons love Christ-killers, they love Trump more (thank God for that). There is not going to be a mandate to help these Jews in Trump’s second term.

Trump second term, if God lets us have it, is going to be about revenge.

These Israeli Jews are frothing at the mouth for Biden.

All of the Jewish neocons – who are 100% Israel first, and have previously been aligned with the Republicans – are celebrating Biden’s supposed election as the dawn of a god king. You can, if you want to, but you don’t need to, look no further than Ben Shapiro’s Twitter responses to Biden’s “victory”.

Many Americans are focused on the fact that Biden is saying that he’s going to have the domestic policy of the Squad – but he’s also planning to have the foreign policy of Dick Cheney.

Biden has previously praised Cheney.

And rumors are spreading that Cheney will be advising him.

Cheney, personal friend of Biden, was one of the people who encouraged Biden to run against Trump.

The Heritage Foundation is beginning to rehabilitate the concept of Middle East wars and wars generally by saying that “endless wars” is a slander against people who want endless war.

These people have been very aggressive in their support for Israel.

On his website, Joe Biden condemns BDS and then literally blames Palestinian rock-chuckers for the Arab-Israeli conflict.

But he’s committed to changing the weather though. So there’s that.

Biden’s team has already announced a top warmonger for the role of Pentagon chief.

The New York Times is beating those Jew drums, blowing that Jew war horn.

Perhaps most telling is that the Zioclops, Dan Crenshaw, is out there getting ready for Joe Biden.

They have a lot they can work together on, such as wars in every country that doesn’t have nonstop gay anal on the street (because freedom and democracy MEANS a man ramming his penis into another man’s anus and using the rectum to masturbate and then ejaculating into his poop).

By all accounts, the entire Jewish war machine is revving up to get back in action.

Trump put the brakes on it.

The Jews believe they need it more than ever right now, as they are on the verge of putting together their New World Order at last.

The Democrats were always a war party. It was simply obfuscated by the fact that the Republicans were also a war party. Trump changed that dynamic completely, so if Biden comes in with all of these wars he’s got planned, it’s going to be very obvious.

If the usurper Biden takes over, all of this communist scum is going to run cover for him. AOC will be out there saying she doesn’t agree with his decision to start all these new wars, “but we have to look at the bigger picture.”

Frankly however, I’m very bullish at the moment for the possibility of Trump remaining in power. The fact he is planning to start the rallies up is a very good sign.

What we need to be doing right now is simply supporting him, in every way we can.