JEWS HAVE TAKEN OVER the “local newspaper” in America.

One might think that because of the large number of local newspapers across America a safeguard against Jewish control would be in place. However most “local newspapers” are owned by companies controlled by Jews whose offices are hundreds of miles away.

The Newhouse Empire of the Jewish brothers Samuel, Donald, & Theodore Neuhaus (surname changed to Newhouse) illustrates the insatiable appetite that Zionists have for opinion control.

Today the Newhouse Empire, under the parent corporation of Advance Publications, (owned by descendents of Samuel & Donald Newhouse), owns 40 “local newspapers” across the USA.

These include the Newark Star Ledger, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, & the Portland Oregonian.NEWHOUSE MEDIA TENTACLES KEEP ON SPREADING:

1895: Solomon Neuhaus born in New York City.

1922: Newhouse buys the Staten Island Advance Newspaper.

1939: Newhouse buys the Newark Star-Ledger.

1950: Newhouse buys The Oregonian Newspaper.

1955: Newhouse buys the St. Louis Globe-Democrat Newspaper.

1959: Newhouse buys Conde Nast Magazines. (New Yorker, Vogue, Golf Digest, Glamour, Gentlemen’s Quarterly, Parade).

1967: Newhouse buys the Cleveland Plain-Dealer Newspaper.

1980: Newhouse family buys Random House Book Publishers.

1981: Newhouse family buys multiple cable television systems with over 500,000 cable subscribers.

1982: Newhouse family buys Fawcett Books.

1986: Newhouse family buys Fodor’s Travel Guides.

1995: Newhouse family and Time Warner Cable combine cable systems to create large clusters.

1999: Newhouse family buys Women’s Wear Daily.

2003: Forbes magazine estimates the worth of the Newhouse family at $15 billion.