Stay calm.

President Trump has tweeted this:

He is saying that the damage is already done, meaning that he understands that there probably is no solution through the electoral process.

He also knows that these criminals who stole this election are going to put him in prison, to torture and ultimately kill, not just him, but his entire family (excluding Jared and Ivanka). Remember Czar Nicholas of Russia? He and his family were murdered in cold blood at the beginning of the Russian Communist revolution and takeover by Jewish Communist Bolsheviks. Please see Aleksandr Solzheitsyn.

I think there is a very good chance that the President is going to take executive action to secure the country. That is to say: it is clear that he is thinking about declaring martial law and canceling the transfer of power.

He has absolutely nothing to lose, and he has everything to gain. He also has a clear argument that this move is necessary.

It is very clear that Trump could successfully implement martial law in this country and round up his enemies. We have seen the overwhelming support that Trump has among the population. The people will stand behind him.

That is really the only option at this point. It was the only option for a very, very long time.

This would not only allow Trump to stay in control of the country and prevent all of the things that Democrats are planning to do to us – it would also allow us to fix our problems.

If the internet was seized, all you would really have to do is legalize free speech. That, along with arresting the leaders of the media conspiracy, would create a media climate that would allow Trump to restore order after having suspended the democratic process.

There is no chance that he couldn’t get the military to side with him. Certain generals would have to be relieved of command, but that’s it. The military could be used then to shut down the intelligence agencies. They have ALL been compromised already by the Bolsheviks.

In the worst case scenario, Trump could request peacekeepers from Russia.

I do not think there would be a major civil war. It would be very easy to put these people down. There are not very many of them. Yet, unfortunately for persons who this move matters most, it’ll mean loss of many lives. Too many, in my opinion, to stave off from the incoming global Bolshevik insurrection. The Jews are seeking to destroy America — to destroy the White race — and they are about to deal their final death blow.

Those countries that have succumbed and kowtow to the Covid19 hoax will demand America to fall in line with the global communist agenda; major global bodies such as the UN, IMF, WHO, The World Bank, IADB and several others that are run and controlled by Jews will place strict demands on the USA, and when they are rebuffed, they will, like they did to Germany in World War 2, declare war on the USA.

This is their ultimate plan! Make no mistake about it!

Through sanctioning the aid of the USA and the allied forces, in concert with the Soviet Union, the Bolsheviks — Judea — the Jews were able to exact their revenge on Germany. Here’s a good source for those interested in the historical narrative that is not ever taught.

Whites, after a civil war, will not be able to withstand an invasion. Their numbers will have been diminished after fighting each other.

Back to Trump; all this is dependent on Trump’s decision, of course. There is nothing the people can do to save him if he doesn’t want to save himself. But at the very least, this way he goes down swinging. I would think he would prefer history remember him that way.

I will just say this: if Trump decides he wants to act to save this country, he needs to make the move sooner rather than later. The feds are already moving to cut off this path.

Stand by.