So, election day has come and gone. It is all over, but it isn’t. At least not until the Democrats are finished rigging the election. While we were asleep and the “counting” of ballots resumed, a lot of mysterious things occurred. Yeah, I know we all thought we were waking up to a winner, be it Trump or Biden. How naive of us to think it’ll be so easy. “Come on man”.


Yes, as we drink our coffees, have our breakfasts and go about our daily routines, the results of the 2020 Presidential Elections remain in limbo. The Donald fought fiercely in states such as Florida where many Hispanics (Cubans particularly) turned out to show their support for law and order and show their distaste for socialism and communism. Texas was a nail-biter because of the influx of Commie-fornians into the state who most thought would vote blue. But to our great surprise they did not.

Through out the night, lamestream media outlets refused to call polls in Georgia and North Carolina for Trump and there were several back and forths, because the reality is folks, if the media says it is so, that means, it is so. They are unfortunately, the arbiters of truth and reality in this clown world we live in. *honk honk*

We later saw Joe Biden make a speech calling it a night, because he’s really “Sleepy Joe”. His speech was somewhat ominous. Some claim it was a victory speech denoting absolute victory, while others say it was neither. Nonetheless, it was determined, PA, WI, and MA would not be fully counted.

Several echoes on parler from online personalities came in about Twitter blocking Trump’s tweets, but not Biden’s; Trump like Biden tweeted that he was going to win and the Democrats were trying to steal the election, yet, Twitter blocks it and claimed it unsubstantiated news.

Trump Twitter Ban.

Trump censored on Twitter.

Then came what we all dreaded would come.

While all this ensued Trump delivered a white house speech as promised.

So, last night, they stopped counting and this why:

Biden was getting his ass handed to him in these deciding states. He was losing “BIGLY” in PA. Trump has clearly won, but the (((Elites))) do not respect his victory. They saw Trump taking PA and were like, “okay time for bed”. We knew this was going to happen, though. If Biden won, they wouldn’t have stopped counting and sent everyone to bed.

This video is particularly startling.

We knew the cheating would ensue, like how Biden all of a sudden flipped WI. See folks, what’s going on is this. The communist left Democrats are simply only counting votes for Biden and when Biden is up in the polls, they will then decide to stop counting. The polls will hand the info over to the Jewish Zio-media outlets who will announce Biden as winner of these states, respectively, and that will be that.

We all just want the elections to be called, so the salt wave washes over the nation, but the reality is folks, we’re in for the long haul. The long haul of corruption, voter fraud and the whole nine yards.

It is suspected by some that China has a major influence in what is going on. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Yes, we hate the media. You hate the media and I hate the media, but we need to be careful, because saying we hate the media is tantamount to saying we hate Jews. Saying we hate the media is antisemitism, so watch it!

There are also reports of ballots being “found”. This morning, our favorite president has come out swinging; breathing like an enraged, fire-breathing dragon. Of course he is. The cheating is unapologetically blatant!

I’m upset. I’m not liking any of this, even though I knew this would happen. We all knew this would happen.