Voter suppression and all sorts of shenanigans are underway. Were I to say I did not expect any of this, I would be lying. The communist left — the Democrats — are going to do everything within their power to rig this election.

Here’s one scenario in Philly:

GOP Certified Poll Watcher Forcibly Denied Entry Into Philly Voting Location

This man has a valid certified poll watcher’s certificate, as in, he’s supposed to be there and the two joggers are refusing him entry. Taking the path of least resistance with these animals is best.

Then there’s this shit:

How convenient. Remember folks, all this was planned.

In other places around the nation, we have BLM pavement apes storming polling stations:

BLM Antifa Activists Storm Polling Place In Battleground State (VIDEO) – Conservative Media

In case you’re wondering why they’re doing this, remember: they, (BLM, Antifa), are avowed, card carrying communists. They are proud Marxists who are funded by George Soros and Jewess terrorist Susan Rosenberg. They are the Democrat radical left and are interested in total subversion of Western Civilization. They want Whites dead and gone.

The good news is, Americans LOVE TRUMP! We do! Unashamedly. Here’s Tucker Carlson explaining this phenomenon:

This love for him has fever pitched in the last few days and I suspect it will go unabated.

Donald Trump represents the last of white masculinity which has been the archetype of masculinity, success and greatness throughout the history of the western world, and that’s why they hate him and want to destroy him.

Within the past hour of composing this, bitchute has announced that they have been deplatformed (Update: bitchute is back up):

They are hosted, I believe, by cloudflare which is also down:

These Democrat, far left radical communists want a total blackout on information and soon the digital book burning will commence. Back up your ebooks, files, pictures and videos, because they are fast approaching and if history is anything of a good reminder, they are dangerous and dirty.